My Life is My Studio — new journal


My Life is My Studio

Recently as I was contemplating a cover design for a new journal I was making, I was also listening to one of Jamie Ridler‘s podcasts. I honestly can’t remember if it was a Creative Living podcast or one of her daily Behind the Scenes videos — I receive inspiration from both.

That day it was the reminder that “Your Studio is Your Life” that caught my attention and inspired the cover for my newest journal.

I have been inspired by this concept ever since I first heard Jamie speak about it this past spring. Jamie inspired this


and this


in my journal this past March. I return to this concept again and again for inspiration. Thank you Jamie — for all of your ongoing inspiration.

I can’t wait to see what I get up in the pages of this new journal.


I have filled it with a few different types of blank papers that are perfect for all sorts of media.

Remember — as Jamie says “Your Life is Your Studio”.

Enjoy creating, playing & thriving in your studio!





P.S. The 2015 Daily Musings Journal is coming! Here’s a sneak peak of the cover — I’m so excited about the design. Can you see the hearts in the flowers imbuing love into the pages of this new year & journal?


Click here to sign-up for news and early bird specials – coming in September!


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Peaceful — #augustbreak part deux


Peaceful was the prompt for day 20 of The August Break 2014. August 20 was an awesome day, but anything but peaceful:)

Day 20 was quite literally a circus…


The Salida Circus


Waiting for the racers at the finish line

It was the day of the Monarch Mountain Stage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge — an event I had been working on for nearly a year.

I knew it was going to be a crazy day so I found it ironic that it was the day that Peaceful was the prompt for The August Break project. After running around coordinating entertainment all day, at nearly 11,000 feet, I couldn’t begin to wrap my brain around the concept.


I took the next few days off, and then it was weekend. Yesterday while sitting at this little mountain lake (photo at top) I leaned my head on my hubby’s shoulder and felt so peaceful. It appropriate to share my day 20 image, albeit a little late, with all of you dear mountain mermaid readers. Some times things just gotta happen in your own time:)


It is the only day I’ve missed so far! OK — I may have posted one the next morning, but I’m doing pretty well…and really enjoying myself. Here are a few of my fav images I’ve created so far

Reflection - Day 6

Reflection – Day6

Selfie - Day 8

Selfie – Day 8

Hands - Day 14

Hands – Day 14

Treasures - Day 21

Treasures – Day 21

…I’m loving playing with the iPhone app Word Swag!

I’d love for you to visit me on Instagram to see the rest of my fun photos! Be sure to go to #augustbreak2014 to see what everyone else is up to, too.

And if you haven’t already, get your own version of August Break in soon…September is just around the corner. The weather in my neck of the Rocky Mountains is sure feelin’ like September already.





P.S. The 2015 Daily Musings Journal is coming! If you want to receive updates about it, click here to sign-up for my early notification list!

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I am so loving Instagram that I thought it would be fun to participate in Susannah Conway’s #augustbreak2014 — “the idea is to simply take a photograph every day for the whole of August.”

I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m not very good at daily challenges, so we’ll see how it goes. August seems like a good month to take a photo a day, and I have a list of prompts to keep me thinking.

I hope you’ll visit me on Instagram to see if I make it everyday (you can also see what others are up to by going to the hashtag #augustbreak2014), although I’ll try to report back here, too. I’ve made it to day 4 — so that’s a start! Here’s what I’ve got so far:


Day 1: Lunch
I rarely go out to lunch, but I had occasion to go to Pueblo and my sweet friend Cyndi met me for lunch at the Riverwalk! Friend joy shared.


Day 2: Pattern
Saturday hike with purple Aster flowers along the trail


Day 3: Window
I was aiming for what was inside the window but found the reflection of the historic buildings & the clouds to be much more interesting.


Day 4: Orange
Felt like I needed a little break this afternoon and realized my orange was right beside me in my studio. Thai triangle pillows bought in Thailand many years ago.

Happy August Friends!



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Up Where the Air is Thin


ThinAirSelfie2Some people might say I’m just about always where the air is thin — I do live at 7,000 ft elevation after all.

Coloradans may have a bit of a skewed view on where the air becomes thin. 7,000 ft is my normal — I start noticing the altitude as I wander above ~ 11,500 ft or so. (click here to see my recent post on my idea of relaxing…at 11,000 ft)

On this particular day (a few weeks ago) my adventures took me to 14, 265 ft — to the summit of Castle Peak. The panorama was breathtaking — in more ways than one. I was definitely feelin’ a bit loopy!

I was also feeling quite accomplished — considering some of the maneuvering I took to get there.


Marching across a snow field ~13,100 ft


Scrambling along an exposed ridge ~14,000 ft (I was smiling for this photo, but I had to be coerced to continue in a few spots.)


Looking down at a beautiful frozen puddle (~ 13,400 ft)
I honestly can’t remember where I took this pic from…but on the ascent :)

I couldn’t get feeling too proud until I got myself back down to where the air got a little thicker — so to speak…


The guy in red…that’s my hubby glissading back down a snow field ~ 13,400 ft. I scrambled down on the sharp scree until the slope angle mellowed out — and then it was yipee…as I slid down the old snow field on my butt!


Back down ~ 11,000 feet the water is flowing, and green is everywhere!


And colorful wildflowers, too (Indian Paintbrush)


Columbine – it still amazes me that these delicate beauties flourish at such a high altitude!


Our day ended tired and a bit sore back at ~9,800 ft. — at our room with a view (my favorite kind of “hotel room”)!

I know this is not everyone’s idea of adventure… some folks like an even more technical route to the summit using ropes and ice axes, and some folks prefer to stay in Aspen and soak in the views from a sunny cafe. I’m somewhere in the middle, and it’s all good!

Embrace your adventure, and enJOY it while the summer is in full swing!

I hope you’ll stop back and share!




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Coffee & Journaling Go Together

…in more ways than one :)


Believe it or not — the background stencil for the page above was made with coffee!

CoffeeSprayBottleAll you need is a spray bottle, a packet of instant coffee and some water.

And voila…you have beautiful stencil paint. I love the rich brown color it provides, and it’s an easy to travel with this kind of ‘paint’, too.

I learned this trick in a recent workshop I took with Judith Cassel-Mamet, and this little spray bottle has been accompanying me on all of my camping overnights since.


On site (this was on the Solstice in Breckenridge, CO) and still wet


Playing with more nature on this coffee stencil page — I’m not sure it’s done quite yet, but it’s ready to share with you!


A small spot of coffee stencil on my 17th anniversary map

And here’s that other way that coffee and journaling go together for me…


…sitting with my journal and a beautiful, yummy latte!

If you’re not a coffee drinker, that’s OK. What goes best with your journal? Hmmm…it may be time to experiment with some other colorful cuisine :)




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