Cold December ‘Morn

I am a perfectionist, but I had to start somewhere, and this is a journal page after all – not a masterpiece. I wrote this haiku a few mornings ago – it didn’t start as a haiku because it started COLD GREY DECEMBER ‘MORN. It was cold and grey that morning, but this morning when I set out to make the perfect journal page for my blog post it was no longer grey – just cold.


Below is an image of the Arkansas River – looking towards Mt. Princeton. Yep – same river and view that is (for today) in my blog header. But the header image is from early last spring when there was no ice floating on the River and it was definitely warmer. I love seeing the ice in the river, even if it means very cold temperatures, and watching the seasons of the river. I expect you’ll see more of these images in the future. My backyard is truly an organic wonderland.

Arkansas River - Salida, Colorado


In spite of the cold, I hit the slopes with a few girlfriends after finishing my imperfect journal page. The snow was soft – altho a little heavy from the wind. We made several runs – and the skiing part was wonderful, but oh those fast cruises at the end of the run, and the chairlift, were quite chilling. Brrrr!


My birthday happens to be on 9-9 and so this year the date seemed perfectly carmic. I had it in mind to start posting on a blog that day, but it didn’t happen…so here we are on the last somewhat carmic 9 date of the 09 year. Happy 09december09 and thanks for reading!


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