Words to keep in mind

It seems the time of year to write about ‘new year’ things – resolutions, goals, etc. A few years ago I started to come up with a word – or a few – to keep in mind throughout the year. This was not my original idea, it came to me from reading Christine Kane’s newsletter and blog. And when I tried it, it seemed to work for me.

The past year has a been a bit challenging – and transforming. I started the year as one of the statistics of the economy – with no job. And in my small, beautiful mountain town not much prospect for finding a new one.

I did find an online job – where I work three days a week helping artists with their websites from the comfort of my own computer. It has been fantastic, and has also allowed me time to for my own creativity, too.

I was also the recipient, this fall, of a brand new studio space, when my husband finished building our SOGA (studio, office, garage, apartment). It is the space I have always dreamed of having – a place to explore my own creativity – with views of the mountains, too.

looking west - it's a little hard to see the views today; the mountains are shrouded in clouds today while the sun shines in the valley

All this sounds too good to be true – and it is – but my mind tends to allow worries to creep in and take over: can I afford to work part time while I explore my creativity? do I deserve such a beautiful space? what if we don’t get a renter? what if? what if?

Life is full of those what ifs – and if approached with grace and a sense of adventure, I am convinced that all will turn out well! This is why my main word for 2010 is GRACE. I want to approach the unknown challenges that inevitably crop up in life with GRACE and a sense of adventure. After all the mountain mermaid loves adventure, and mermaids are always graceful.

journal entry about my 'word of the year'

I have a few other words I’d like to keep in mind, and have written a haiku to celebrate all of my words:

Start the new year fresh
Grace, Confidence, Focus, Joy
Words to think about

Grace – be graceful with unknown challenges that appear in your life
Confidence – always believe in you and what you are doing
Focus – stay focused on your goals and be productive
Joy – live every moment now with joy

What are your plans for 2010? And I hope you will check in every so often to see how I am progressing with my graceful year! I’m sure it will be another year of adventure and transformation that started in 2009.


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