The best laid plans…

I’ve been in planning mode for 2010. I’m never quite sure how to ‘plan’ because it seems that plans easily become waylaid when something else comes up.

Here is a little preface to my 2009 and plans for 2010: I lost my full-time salaried job in late 2008 when the office of the company I worked for was closed. I live in a small town, and this job had allowed my husband and I to move here. I knew the prospects for another job with the same pay and benefits was slim to none. If we wanted to stay in Salida I needed to move to plan B.

Plan B consists of following my dream – exploring my creativity to create my own small business. Even though it was my dream, the security of a regular paycheck made it Plan B. Now that I had little other options I moved ahead.

Kathryn Antyr had a wonderful blog entry on True North Arts. It inspired me to get a plan (for 2010) started. I used her template for ‘activities that set my heart a flutter.’

Then I created my own version of a 2010 calendar, which I have hung up by my art desk. I hope it will keep me on task as I update it with my upcoming projects, events and goals throughout the year.

I actually love planning, and if my past ‘professional life it was my job to plan – to make sure projects were completed, to ‘makes sure the trains run on time’ as a publisher I once worked for used to tell me.

I was really good at this – making sure that other people’s projects got done. With my own projects I feel a bit more intimidated. It is hard for me to put ME out there (as I’m doing with this blog), and create the unfolding of my own projects. This is the most fun part, but often where my fear derails me.

When I look back on 2009, I actually accomplished A LOT, including discovering the mountain mermaid – who is ME.

How the ‘telling of the stories’ of the mountain mermaid come to be has yet to unfold. I’m learning the process of discovering and creating is an important and organic step. I cannot ‘plan’ it all, yet plans to help you reach accomplishments.

I have a blueprint, a sketch, a map – and I’m putting one foot in front of the other.

I hope to share to share entertaining stories and insights each week. We’ll see how the best laid plans unfold.

I hope you’ll check back to see. And please visit to see more of my creative projects.



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2 responses to “The best laid plans…

  1. I too am a conductor of sorts. I love mapping out projects with the checkpoints. I also love connecting the dots. I can see we share these qualities from reading your post and looking at your maps. Way to go on all of your accomplishments. You have many talents that will serve you well as you nurture your business. Keep fanning those flames of creativity and it will keep your passion going — I find it is our passions that help us to move mountains. I can see you have the spunk and talent to move mountains, dear mountain mermaid.

    {soul hugs}

  2. Love getting a glimpse of what brought you here and where you came from and the paths you took! Maybe the Full Worm Moon be very very good to you!

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