Everyday Enchantment

journal entry - everyday enchantment

quick journal entry upon reading Susan's column

I’m sort-of determined to get into the routine of posting weekly. I must admit, I’m still not sure where this  journey will lead, but certainly I hope to share slices of my life that are inspiring, insightful, and entertaining. OK  – so maybe I won’t make all those things every entry, but hopefully I’ll inspire you to visit again.

It feels a bit funny to put myself out there, really not knowing exactly why, but knowing that I do want to share these ‘slices of my life’ with whoever is interested in visiting.

I have been struggling with feeling inspired about life…my excuses are life’s annoyances, and also the bad wrap the world and our country get in the news media. So when I read the last line of my friend Susan’s  weekly column in the Salida rag (Green and Generous – Susan Tweit -figures I can’t find an online link but check out her blog Walking Nature Home) about returning to the ‘everyday enchantment of my life here’, it inspired me to remember how enchanted life really is (and can be), if I adjust my outlook.

Just to be sitting here writing this post in my new studio, with amazing views out to Mt. Princeton, is an enchantment. Sure making money from here is new – and so there isn’t much yet (a little scary), but I’m here in my dream space to letter, paint, book bind, play with new ideas, and share my creativity with others.

Our mountains have been getting dumped on this week – and both days this weekend I skied lots of powder (hard to describe if you’re not a powder hound, but it is the ultimate high for us hounds).

View from Hwy 50 at Monarch

View from Hwy 50 at Monarch after a day of backcounty powder skiing

Most days I usually have time to take a walk/hike/run in the trails on ‘S’ Mountain – a five minute walk from my home.

view of Sawatch from S Mountain

A view of the Sawatch during one of my regular hikes on S Mountain

I ride my bike just about everywhere in town – from the library to the grocery store, and to friends for dinner and out to listen to music. I love not having to drive my car that often.

And to boot – the valley I live in is amazingly beautiful – mountain views in all direction; I’ve made so many wonderful friends here; and the community is nothing short of inspiring when I think of the attitude and action needed to help make the seeming ‘plight’ of society better.

This is my everyday enchantment. What is yours?


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  1. Lovely, Lisa! It’s wonderful to see my words through your eyes, and especially in your gorgeous calligraphy. Thanks for the musing, and the inspiration! (BTW, You can read–or listen to–that column on my web site in the podcast section here: http://susanjtweit.com/Susansite/Podcast/Podcast.html. Click on “Falling In Love Again.”)

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