Another Week

So here I am a week later – trying to figure out something interesting to add to my blog. I have been working with an online tutorial ‘what to write’, but have not gotten far enough into it to have made any concrete discoveries.

After finding a friend’s blog yesterday – who is documenting her ’40th’ year in images – 39nomore, and watching the movie Julie & Julia last night – I am inspired to think about my blog and why I am compelled to write as the mountain mermaid?

Interestingly – it is my 50th year, and originally I was determined to start this blog on my birthday. The beginning of my 50th year fell on the Karmic date of 09/09/09. As life would have it I didn’t begin then – life was quite hectic with my husband’s 50th birthday a few days later, and finishing up and moving into my new studio space – a major project in it of itself (sounds like a good excuse anyway)

But I did begin on a ‘9’ date – a quarter into my 50th year – 12/09/2009. I did not have a specific goal of making a picture each day documenting my year, or cooking 524 recipes in 365 days. I wanted to put my mermaid self out in the world – to in some way chronicle and share my everyday adventures. My self imposed goal was to post something each week…and I have been successful in doing so thus far.

I won’t babble on further for now, but will keep you posted on who the mountain mermaid is, and why she is compelled to chronicle her adventures with you. On March 9th I will be half way through my 50th year. Perhaps I will have some new insight by then, or maybe not.

In the meantime – please enjoy this lovely image of my backyard, and a few of my weeks journal missives.

the back of 'Tenderfoot' - looking across the valley at the peaks -while hiking on 'backbone' trail today

journal entry early Monday morningwhen I was singing 'Swinging on a Star' (Frank Sinatra) in my head

thought that pops up when I'm meandering through blogs and other social media, hoping I'm using (atleast part of) my time wisely and often feeling too sucked-in. striving for the balance


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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous view! My ex husband’s parents once had a house built on top of a mountain in Boulder, CO and the view was breathtaking. I’m having backyard envy :)0

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