Give yourself a break, Lisa!

Today Jamie Ridler asked the question  ‘What do you wish to take a break from?’ My answer is worrying. I am such a worrier – and as a friend so aptly put it today – worrying is a misuse of my imagination, and I certainly do not wish to misuse my imagination.

My most usual worry is over money. Even when one is careful with their money life has a way of throwing curve balls. For example on Sunday we were on our way to meet friends for some skiing in the back country. It was a beautiful sunny day. We were starting up the pass when our trusty & powerful camper van, Samwise, quit accelerating. Hmmm…not good. And immediately my eyes saw dollar signs and I began to worry.

On the 'road' in Canyonlands National Park, October 2009

After aborting our ski day – fast forward three days – I have been worrying further. Samwize is in the shop, and the verdict is still out.

I’m hoping for not too many zeros at the end of the bill, but I am giving myself a break from worrying about it! I know that life is full of the unexpected. My word for the year is grace with the unknown – and this is one of those things you just cannot control…a big unexpected, unknown.

Enjoying the snowy day at lunch today - not a worry in the world!

This break from worrying is scheduled to continue indefinitely. Wish me luck!

What do you need a break from? Check out what the other wishcasters have to say here.



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5 responses to “Give yourself a break, Lisa!

  1. As worry free trusting Lisa wishes for herself I so lovingly wish this for her also. xxx

  2. I’ve been reading The Idiot’s Guide to the Law of Attraction and find my worry being replaced with trust. Yesterday, when my massage book was less full than usual, instead of seeing the lack of cash coming in, I saw the fullness of time to write. So much is just perspective. And habit. I love your photograph!

    As Lisa wishes for herself, so I wish for her too!

  3. As Lisa wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  4. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  5. Found you through Jamie’s site.

    Loved the pics.

    As for money-have you checked out dave ramsey’s podcasts/radio shows/ financial peace university. It is great and should help you get the peace of mind you are looking for.

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