The Mermaid on the Moon

As the full moon rose over the Arkansas Hills this evening I was busy creating the mermaid on the moon. A silly woman – smiling with smiles; radiant eyes with a third eye smile. And hair that streams with her dreams.

The vision wiggling its way into her life  for the ‘Full Worm Moon’ is full of smiles and a positive outlook for what is happening in her life.

It has been a challenging year plus, but there is more to be grateful for  and happy about than not. And life if still full of hope and opportunity. If she can keep the streams of her dreams and those radiant smiles in the forefront of her mind, these dreams will manifest themselves.

What do you dream of for yourself? Let me know, and join Jamie Ridler’s wonderful online community for full moon dreamboards.



Filed under Dreamboards, Everyday Adventure, Journaling, Spirituality

3 responses to “The Mermaid on the Moon

  1. Wow! What a wonderful collage idea – love it (may have to “steal” the concept!). ;->

  2. What a playful board! It seems to me just right to be inviting in some giggles and fun. Here’s to your dreams and to what you’re creating in the world. I’m imaging you walking down the street with your dreams streaming from your hair, colouring the world around you in light and joy.

  3. I just love your mermaid on the moon… she’s playful, curious, and wonderfully outrageous! Many blessings to you as you continue to pour your attention on gratitude and less on the challenges….

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