Desert Musings

I recently returned from a glorious week of living outside (well in our pop-top van, too), and hiking in some beautiful desert-canyon country.

Escalante Grand Staircase, where we adventured, had a rough winter (above average snowfall), so I minimized expectations – just glad to be getting away and outside for a week.

But I was not disappointed with our getaway. We hiked deep into canyon country and I was awed and inspired by the undulating with sensual curves of the canyon walls. Nature has painted canyon walls with rich colors from deep rusty red, to pinky red to tan, brown and black with green, yellow and purple accents. Textures range from smooth to wavy, to dotted and pocked – and everything in between. Parts of the hikes meandered through wide towering canyons that would then shrink to know more than a foot or two, and then widen out. The most exciting was slinking sideways through ‘Spooky’ Canyon.

I truly felt like a mermaid out of water in these grand natural structures. In fact these places did flow with sea water millions of years ago.


Although I had hoped to fill my days with both art and active – the balance tipped to active on this trip. Each day the hike we planned had us on the trail for 6 – 8 hours. By the end of that I only had small bits of energy left for eating and a few letters. I still managed to get in the ‘letter-a-day’ project I intended – on most days – and a few other fun journal entries. I also took advantage of a day in the studio when we got home, to work further on some of my art journal pages – and some new ones.

Here I share some of my ‘pages’ with you.

Desert Letter Play

Desert Musings

How do you manage ‘art’ time when you’re on vacation? I would love to hear from you.

You can also check out some of the photos from our adventures on facebook:


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