Spring Pedaling from Home

Yesterday we FINALLY had a warm sunny day. It was a good thing because Tim & I had already planned to pedal up Ute Trail (dirt road) to ride fun single track through the Arkansas Hills all the way back to town. This is a spring ‘everyday adventure’. Well I can’t really take three hour mountain bike rides everyday. This is a weekend adventure – from my front door.

Smiling...almost done the 8 mile grunt uphill

The uphill allows me to deserve the undulating roller coaster back home. This is the reward for the grunt uphill.

Singletrack fun...woohoo!

And the views – that include the cottonwood and pinon pine trees, colorful rocks and peaks of the surround Sawatch & Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges.

Heading back to town the views of the Valley, town (that is Salida) and the Sawatch Range open up to a panorama.

Last bit of downhill to town

Looking into the valley and across to the Sawatch Range

The mountain mermaid loves her outdoor backyard and these everyday adventures. Everyone has their own everyday adventures.

I’d love to hear about yours!



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4 responses to “Spring Pedaling from Home

  1. Wow, I’d love to have a landscape like that to ride my bike! As soon as the weather gets warm here, I’ll be kayaking :))

    • Lisa - the mountain mermaid

      Jane – Thanks for stopping by! I wish I had learned to kayak when I was younger…we have world class kayaking out my front door, too (the Arkansas River).

  2. WOW! What an inspiration you are!

  3. Lisa, Looks like you had a great time riding. And the scenery is amazing.

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