Wade in the Water

The weekend we arrived home from vacation the Colorado Art Ranch (artists in) residence arrived. And I was to be an ‘art buddy’. I got to meet Sarah Henson on Sunday evening at the opening reception, along with the other six residents. All were unique and enthusiastic to be in Salida for a month.  Sarah also seemed focused, and  ‘psyched’ to have a local ‘buddy’. And thus the month began.

Sarah & Me in the 'Arkansas Hills'

During the month we hiked and collected colored earth for her to use as pigment in her paper making. She came to dinner a few times, and I showed her how to make a coptic stitch book. She loved my ‘backyard’ – and made paper with the pigment from the hills.

Sarah's paper made with 'dirt' from the Arkansas Hills

She took on an unfamiliar book binding project without fear. She takes on the unfamiliar, in general, with wonder and curiosity. And she presented herself and her work to the community with assurance and grace.

Sarah photographing on one of our hikes

This past weekend was the culmination of my art buddy month. And Colorado Art Ranch’s ‘Wade in the Water’ Artposium. The presenters: naturalist and author Craig Childs, poet and Colorado Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs, and environmental activist, eco-artist Basia Irland offered though-provoking perspectives on water. Who’s water is it anyway? How can we take care of it – because it is finite? And everywhere – we (human beings) are made up mostly of water. We cannot live without it.

They did not have to convince me that water is a precious resource. After traveling in Nepal where drinking water is scarce – despite the many rivers; and living with the drought and fires in Colorado in the early 2000’s sealed this for me. I am always hungry for new perspectives on this amazing giver of life, and how I can do my part to conserve and protect it.

Water piece created a few years ago, by Lisa DeYoung

And I got to meet these artists, and other participants; They were real people to talk and hangout with.

My Fish - made in the afternoon workshop 'Notes from the Fish' with Amy Laugesen

It has been an amazing month, and although I am sad it is over, I am inspired to contemplate what I have learned and continue the my exploration and (art) work.


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  1. Sounds like a lovely time! Love the art and handmade paper! How fortunate to have an art buddy month!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

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