Full Flower Moon

I live in a beautiful river valley surrounded by the Sawatch Range, Sangre de Cristo mountains and the Arkansas Hills (no this is not Arkansas but the upper Arkansas River Valley in Colorado). Last night I watched the full moon rise on the eastern edge of the Arkansas Hills. It was already quite dark and really the moon had been up for awhile – I just couldn’t see it. The rise over the hills – through some light clouds – was never-the-less beautiful.

Earlier in the day I had finished my ‘full moon dreamboard’ – inspired by Jamie Ridler‘s monthly ‘full moon dreamboards‘. This month she had written inspiration on the new moon about the Full Flower Moon. She asked: “Who are you when you are in full flower? What exudes from your personality? What’s possible for full-flower you? What colours shine? What dreams flow freely? What pours out of your heart and into the world?”

I read this on the new moon, but only kept ‘full flower’ in my mind. I guess that is because I have my new yard and garden on the brain this month. My dreamboard illustrates this – although it also illudes to some of my other ‘full flower’ dreams – of digging deep for an authentic, juicy life, and of watching my creativity bloom (especially with my art & my new little business).

My husband has done a lot – OK all – of the hard labor work so far – but we will both plant and tend the gardens. I imagine us feeding ourselves with all of the wonderful vegetables we plan to grow, of enjoying the beauty of colorful flowers, of inhaling the scents of sweetness and herbs.

Here are two images of the garden today – literally. We have a long way to go…as I do with all of my creative dreams. But I have high hopes for a prolific, healthy garden and my creative juicy life!

garden top soil -delivered today...

native wildflower garden – seeds planted last weekend; we've been told it can take up to 3 years to have these plant to fully develop; behind you can see blooming irises - planted 2 or 3 falls ago - we will have the most irises ever this year!

We live at 7,000 feet – so although it may look like we are way behind to many of you, really we’re not that far behind. This is a long term project that I’m committed to for the years to come – even if this first year does not produce the harvest I would like. Just like with my creative dreams to bring myself to full bloom!

Thank you, Jamie, for encouraging me to post my dreamboard even though I felt it may not be relevant. As I am writing the post the relationship between the two areas of my life have come clear to me.

Until the next full moon…enjoy the coming of summer.



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4 responses to “Full Flower Moon

  1. I love the lushness and movement in this board, and that this is a vision for the longer road ahead as well. 🙂 Good luck in all your endeavors!

  2. This is a very decisive and motivated dreamboard, well done on your big work so far and best wishes with all things that grow 😉

  3. Lis

    Mountain Mermaid – I love it! And greetings from another landlocked mermaid in NE (but oh, the ocean and the mountains are my twin loves!)

    Beautiful board – i love the energy of it, the sense of spaciousness and room for things to grow. Painting the sky – yes!

    I look forward to seeing how your gardens grow in the coming season 🙂

    xo lis

  4. I love the dream board and I’ve been thinking of working on one myself but never seem to do so. I can’t wait to have a nice plot of land for veggies. I’m so in to farmers markets that I would love to one day take some in to town and sell some.

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