Inspiration from Ghost Ranch

I have been out of the blogging loop for a few weeks. And last week I spent a lovely week at Ghost Ranch – near Abiqui, New Mexico at an art workshop. I know REALLY know why Georgia O’Keefe lived and painted there!

Chimney Rock
Kitchen Mesa

The workshop I took was called Good Hues, Integrating Color, Design & Letters. Mostly we worked with ‘color’ – 12 colors from the Quiller color wheel – to create an almost unlimited palette. I loved mixing colors, and I think working with the brush was my biggest challenge. I got to integrate letters a little bit – and look forward to playing with all the techniques I learned now that I am back home.

Monochromatic Abstract Landscape

Complementary Colors Collage
Split Complementary Collage

Triad Colors

In addition I got to meet some great fun people – and reconnect with a friend I had met at a calligraphy conference 4 years ago.

Louise, Jenny & me at Chimney Rock

Our class ( a few are missing)

Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest adventures. I have more images posted on Facebook. I’ll keep you posted on my practice progress now that I am home!


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