Celebrating Independence

Lisa on the summit of 14,229ft Mt Shavano

Rather spontaneously my husband and I decided to celebrate the Fourth of July by climbing a ’14er’. It is quite a popular outdoor activity in Colorado. Although you often share the summit with a bunch of other hikers (we probably saw close to 50 people last Sunday), it is well worth the effort. We were lucky to have perfect weather as we celebrated the freedom this great nation offers.

Yes there are so many problems in the country, and in the world — but when I stop to think how fortunate I am to live in a peaceful place where I can choose my activity for the day, I feel very lucky and grateful.

View from the summit of Shavano

What a treat to be able to be able to experience this view — and the panorama we soaked in from the summit!

Alpine Forget-me-nots along the trail

Or to see these flowers that mother nature created — along with a myiad of varieties and colors — along the trail.

How do you celebrate the freedom this great nation has to offer?



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3 responses to “Celebrating Independence

  1. Wow-looks beautiful!

  2. What a gorgeous day. My husband and I want to take up hiking after he does his Ironman next year.

  3. I found your blog during One World One Heart and bookmarked it so I could return. I really love your journaling and lettering. You do it so well. I am totally impressed, and although I’m not a person who journals, I really appreciate what you make.

    I feature a blog each day and tomorrow (July 19) I am featuring your blog. I’m sure many of my readers who journal will appreciate and love your blog as much as I. Thank you for being such a great inspiration.

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