30 Journals, 30 Days – Bonus Day 31 – ME

For the month of July Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio interviewed an ‘art journaler’ every day. The inspiration was incredible – and I just joined in towards the end of the month and still have many to catch up on.

Today she asked anyone who wished to share their art journaling experience to join in on the Bonus Day 31.

Check out what I have to report below, and check on the participating art journalers here.

* How long have you been Art Journaling?

I have kept journals – mostly just writing – on and off for years. And I really started ‘art journaling’ in 2003 – when I began lettering (calligraphy) study with artist Laurie Doctor. When I began as the assistant for Laurie’s undergraduate college calligraphy class, making and keeping a journal was part of the class. The class was not graded on this, but she encouraged everyone to work in their journal at least a little bit every day. As Laurie’s assistance I had the honor of helping her out and the privilege of also being her student.

First journal cover & two pages

I have been making and keeping journals since then – and my style and work is ever evolving.

early 2009 - gouache on arches text wove

spring 2010

* How has Art Journaling impacted, changed, or enhanced your life?
Art journaling has kept me in touch with creating, with evolving my creativity, style and interests. It has also allowed me to explore my inner thoughts, dreams and feelings more deeply.

* What are a few of your favorite Art Journaling materials?
Colored pencils are the tools I use most often – they are easy to use anywhere. I now keep a journal that has text weight paper that doesn’t take water media that well, along with a journal with arches text wove – that is good for just about any media!

outside the hospital, while my husband was having kidney stone treatment, with my colored pencils – July 2010

I love using walnut and sumi inks; lettering with driftwood, sticks and other non-traditional writing tools.

journal cover - sumi ink with driftwood - 2008

Since I have discovered the world of art journaling bloggers (in the past year I’d say) I have been exploring different techniques and materials.

acrylic ink collage

* Who are some of your favorite Art Journalers?

There are so many talented journalers out there, and I am just beginning to learn about them. I look forward to exploring all those interviewed for the 30 days 30 journals project – along with all of us participating in the Bonus 31 day!

* What kind words of encouragement would you say to an Art Journal newbie?

Show up to the page – and begin putting something on the blankness. I know it can be intimidating, but don’t be afraid – it’s only paper and there are more pages if you don’t like what happens some of the time. Start with a word or a favorite saying. Work from your soul.

Check out all of the art journaling bloggers and find styles you like, techniques you wish to try.

Books are great resources. There are some great books on art journaling. Here are a few that I really like:
The Decorated Page: Journals, Scrapbooks & Albums Made Simply Beautiful by Gwen Diehn
The Decorated Journal: Creating Beautifully Expressive Journal Pages by Gwen Diehn
Painted Paper by Elisa Golden (for painting backgrounds)
Visual Chronicles: The No-Fear Guide to Creating Art Journals, Creative Manifestos and Altered Books by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino
…there are many more. You can search art journaling on Amazon.com to find other book resources. I find it handy to check them out of the library first – to make sure it is a resource you want in our personal library.

* Where can we contact you…give us some link LOVE!!


* Short Bio

Lisa DeYoung does not have a formal art education, and she has studied with a number of nationally and internationally know lettering and book artists over the years. When she is not in the studio creating and exploring you will probably find her in the great outdoors exploring on her bike, her skis, or on foot! She lives in beautiful, historic downtown Salida, Colorado – in the upper Arkansas River Valley in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.

I want to thank Connie for the opportunity to participate in 30 Journals 30 Days. It turned out to be a great motivator to get retrospective on what I’ve been doing with my journals over the past seven years. It turns out quite a bit – and I’m more excited than ever to keep creating and journaling. I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg.



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5 responses to “30 Journals, 30 Days – Bonus Day 31 – ME

  1. Enjoyed your interview. Your lettering work is lovely!

  2. Lisa–the one thing my art journals lack is some fine penmanship like yours!! My writing…even though my words may take precedence…the way I execute them usually lacks the LOVE. Seeing your work inspires me to think differently about how I write in my Art Journals!!

    I thank you for that!

    Big hugs,

  3. ooh great stuff! i love your lettering. I aspire to be able to write like that 🙂

  4. I decided to check back at the Journals 31 and found your blog. Love your journal pages, especially the lettering!
    Great pages!

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