Full Moon Dreamboard

Yesterday was the full ‘sturgeon’ moon, and on the new moon earlier in the month Jamie Ridler asked us to consider how we want to shine this month.

If you’ve visited you will note that I have not posted in some time. I took a little beach vacation and stayed clear of the computer for the most part. I arrived home late Monday night, and had to work yesterday. I was going to skip the full moon dreamboard, except I had been thinking about it and late yesterday, on facebook, Jamie suggested we pick out one image that inspired us and put it in our journal.

I thought that was a great way to participate, so I started with that last night…and my one image turned into a bit of a dreamboard, and I had a great time creating it.

To find my true north, to really SHINE I will feel happy, satisfied, authentic, strong, successful, creative, playful, graceful, relaxed, healthy, giving. Peaceful power.

Before sunrise this morning the moon was so beautiful I was moved to go outside and jog in the early morning light. To watch the moon fade and the surrounding mountains turn pink as the sun began to cast light on them.

As usual I am a day late, but I truly enjoyed the full moon and hope you did to. Click here to see other dreamers boards and to participate.



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4 responses to “Full Moon Dreamboard

  1. “Peaceful power” – love it! And your sunrise jog sounds heavenly!!

  2. What a lovely dreamboard! I love the idea of finding your true north! May all your dreams be fulfilled this month!

  3. EVA

    Gorgeous and active FMDB! Looks like it will be a busy and fun month!

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