what do you wish to shed?

This is the question that the lovely Jamie Ridler asked yesterday for Wishcasting Wednesday. Of course I’m a day late…but actually yesterday it was my internet being squirrely – and not my lack of motivation that causes me to be a day late this time.

Back to the questions at hand:

I wish to shed my notion that ‘I’m too old.’ This is definitely something I have been working on for much of my adult life.

Just about whenever I’ve wanted to start some new venture, I have always been good at using the excuse that I should have done that when I was younger – that it is too late.

The first newsletter I received from Jamie was in March of this year – and the title of her main article was ‘Stage Your Own Age Rebellion’. That really struck a chord with me – and I have been a fan ever since!

Newly minted into the half-century decade…I wish to completely shed this myth from my exsistence.

50th Birthday Dinner with my sweetheart...after a lovely soak in the hot springs at Oho Caliente

A recent hike with some gal pals during a birthday celebration camping weekend

Chaplin Bridge (or so we deemed it), and my lovely friends who helped make my half-century celebration special!

I hadn't really known we were still celebrating my half-century mark until I returned from the bathroom to find this adorning my tent. My other surprise was a gift certificate to Joyful Journey Hot Springs, where we stopped on the way home. Don't tell them my birthday was over a month past - they let me soak for free that day! Thanks Barb, Kristi & Sarah!

I admit my body has slowed down in some aspects…but I’m sure not too old to…be an entrepreneur, be an artist, pedal my bike, ski powder, hike a 14er, drink good wine (I can give up the really bad stuff now), embrace life…and a million other things.

To celebrate I am adding a few of Jamie’s icon’s to my blog side bar. You can now see proudly displayed:

I am an entrepreneur.
I am creative.
I am an artist.


What do you wish to shed?



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2 responses to “what do you wish to shed?

  1. Love this entry ……I will be joining The Age Rebellion ………as you wish for yourself i wish for you also

  2. Rebekah

    Good for you!

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also! 🙂

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