Mother Nature ushers winters into town

…and I still cling to the longer, warmer days of fall.

It was a beautiful morning. Crystal clear after the first snow that stuck in town arrived last night. Brrrr…it got really cold overnight. But I was up so I could not miss the sun hitting the peaks from my deck and studio.

before sunrise - from the deck

studio view before sunrise (you can see the window reflection)

I feel blessed to have such a view out of my windows – wires and poles and all.  Observing the changing seasons from above has helped me to prepare for winter – with its short days, cold weather and also the fun: snow & skiing. I just have to dress with the right layers.

My painting today took me back to autumn  though – to the days when all the trees that are now bare were golden.  I have just finished reading Zen Seeing/Zen Drawing: Meditation in Action by Frederick Franck, and  I have been drawing cottonwood leaves, now dried and brown, recently. It is a wonderful book about drawing as seeing and it has given me new inspiration for a drawing practice.

I digress – this painting I’ve posted below is not about drawing what I’m seeing in the moment – it is a creation based on drawing the dried giant cottonwood leaves I currently have lying about my studio and home living room.

I want to draw and paint and letter more often, and also create beautiful mixed media pieces and artists books.

The first step is showing up. And this week I have shown up in my studio. I hope I can keep it up.

I better get back to the drawing board.

I’d love to hear what you want to show-up for.

P.S. I also did a bit of work on my website, I hope you’ll check out my latest work – and embellish your own cover journals!


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