Everyday Celebration

Yesterday for Wishcasting Wednesday Jamie Ridler was celebrating the arrival of her new Wishcasting Journal. She asked us what we wish to celebrate.

I had just returned from a pre- dawn hike and had watched the most amazing sunrise. It had snowed for a short time the night before – big wet flakes – and then the stars and moon appeared. It was a chilly morning, but I just knew it would be magical, and I was not disappointed. So I wish to celebrate the beauty of where I live – and the beauty and wonder of what mother nature has created for us.

I bundled up with lots of layers and headed out about 6:15 – just as it was getting light enough to see the trail in front of me. When I crossed the river the hillsides looked magical with the frozen snow stuck to the grasses and other vegetation.

The sky and mountains began to get brighter and change colors. Although I did snap some photos I tried more to be in the moment and enjoy crunching along the trail and absorbing the changing colors and landscape.

It started like this:

and progressed to this:

I also saw lots of these – with no human tracks around. Who was out before me enjoying this day…or the moonlight the night before?

I created this journal post last night – as I could not bear to be on the computer any longer after a full day working on it. It talks about celebrating the beauty of where I live, and it is not just about this valley and these mountains, it is about this amazing earth with all its beauty and wonder and people to connect with.

What do you wish to celebrate? Visit Jamie Ridler Studios if you wish to participate – or check out the other wishcasters.



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2 responses to “Everyday Celebration

  1. I love the creativity in your wish casting post,you live in a such a beautiful place …………as you wish for yourelf i wish for you also..

  2. Beautiful! It was so easy to sink into this little slice of your world through your words and images. I’d say it’s a world definitely worth celebrating!

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish also. 🙂

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