What do you wish to invite in?

On Sunday I participated in Jamie Ridler’s  Soul Reflections workshop. I was ruminating on what I wanted to invite into my soul. This was Jamie’s question last Wishcasting Wednesday.

When I created my soul reflections board, I wondered: ‘Did I think about it too much – trying to invite into my soul what I ‘thought’ I wanted? Did I try to add too much to one board?’ It doesn’t really look like any of the other collages I’ve seen through full moon dreamboards – or on Jamie’s site…maybe I did it ‘wrong’.

Today while listening to Creative Living with Jamie – her interview with Brene Brown – I fully realized it cannot be wrong. It is not like anyone else’s board – because it is the expression of my creativity. As Brene said – it doesn’t serve my creativity to compare my board to others.

I am still new at these collages, so I don’t doubt that my board is a bit over thought. But the nice thing is – soul reflections is a process and not something to check off my list. My board is now hanging in my studio for me to reflect on whenever I wish. And Soul Reflections and Jamie’s nurturing voice is at the ready whenever I wish to repeat this process.
Reflecting on what I wish to invite in – I know it includes the confident, vibrant, outdoorsy – active, happy, and successful gals in the collage. I want that confidence, success and happiness for myself. When I feel this way – this is when I have the most to offer to others. (There is a lot more going on in the board that I’m still reflecting on…more on this another time perhaps).

I wish to invite in more nurturing friendships with women and girls.

My outdoor play is part of  my creative life, and although I have wanted to nurture the art part of my creativity it has always been easier for me to go outside and play than it has been to show-up at the page with my art. I wish to invite in a balance of art and active.

When I truly believe I am worthy of love – and love myself with all my heart, my voice will sing to the world. And all the other things I wish to invite in will fall into place naturally. I wish to invite in MY voice – in all its forms!

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2 responses to “What do you wish to invite in?

  1. Our wishes are so similar, love love love the images you share here…

    As Lisa wishes for herself, so I wish for her also….

  2. As Lisa wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

    How wonderful to see your Soul Reflections board and to hear the epiphany that you really can’t get it wrong. It’s uniquely and gorgeously you. There’s such a beautiful energy, full of play, abundance and connection. May all of your dreams come true, beautiful you!

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