The Mountain Mermaid turns One

I started the mountain mermaid blog because, quite simply, it felt  like the ‘thing to do’ to learn about the creative blogging community I had discovered. Earlier in the year I had begun to find a number of different blogs and I wanted to participate and become part of the community I sensed.

I wanted to meet like-minded creatives.

I wanted to share my creative adventures – art making, outdoor adventures, and difficulties, too.

I wanted to put myself out there, even if I feel terribly vulnerable.

Earlier last fall as I was winding through the canyons in my ‘backyard’ it dawned on me that I was a mountain mermaid. I am a passionate outdoors woman. I love to swim – I swim in my river, and along trails, through canyons, mountains & valleys. In winter I hike in the woods and glide through the powder only to do it again. I am an adventurer just as I imagine a mermaid.

And creative – just as I imagine a mermaid. Thus the name for my blog was born.

In the past year I have expanded my definition of creative (as Sally G recently discussed on Jamie Ridler’s Creative Living). I said YES that is me when I listened to her speak. I love to cook and bake. I love to play on paper with paints, pencils, ink and other media. These are all part of my creativity, and I love to explore new creative adventures when they are presented to me.

I have always been a behind the scenes gal, so putting myself out here for all the world to see is another creative adventure. The mountain mermaid is a work in progress – discovering as she goes along her reason for being. Hoping to contribute  and be a vital part of her new community.

I have so enjoyed hearing from those of you who have stopped by to visit – encouraging me to continue my musings by your thoughtful comments.

Thank you for helping me continue blogging through my first year, for welcoming me to this amazing community. I hope I can continue to provide sparks of inspiration in the coming year…get to know more of you…and get to know myself better in the process.


My first blog post was one year ago today on 12/09/09. I am sort of a number person – and nine is my favorite number (no surprise since my birthday is 09/09) It seemed appropriate to start on a somewhat karmic number date. I wish I had been ready for my first post to be on 09/09/09. Alas – the mountain mermaid was not yet ready to be born…and so 12/09/09 was the perfect date!



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2 responses to “The Mountain Mermaid turns One

  1. EVA

    Congratulations on a year of blogging!

    I started mine going on 3 years ago but did virtually nothing with it for the first two years. Then, for the same reasons as you, I started to get more active. I think it has had an amazing effect on my creativity!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your efforts!

  2. way to go! i agree with you and eva; i think blogging is a wonderful tool to push ourselves forward creatively. love the lettering !

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