Dreamin’ on the Full Cold, Solstice, Lunar Eclipse Moon

Last night as I created this dreamboard – I thought of me, and what I want. I’m not exactly sure what everything on my collage means yet…but a few areas speak to me.

I want to believe in myself more fully – and included a recent fortune cookie fortune that mentions just this.

I love the background image on the left side (my dreamboard was created in my journal) – it reminds me of trails…the winding, forked paths of life. I love exploring trails (and off trail) in the great outdoors.

The image of the woman in the bath – being paddled in some bigger body of water looks so luscious to me. That is true relaxation and nurturing of myself. I love hot water – especially at this time of year when it is often cold.

Nine is my ‘number’, and I’m thinking that bird hanging out in front of the bath tub must be some kind of lucky charm for me. Or is it those stars (I created and printed recently for my new years card) or the angel that I also created. Hmmm…

Last night while watching the lunar eclipse I was dreaming of our amazing earth – how it can create that powerful, magical shadow across the moon. I dreamt that this eclipse was somehow a righting of the course of the earth in a healing direction. Peace. Health. Joy. for our great mother earth.

What are you dreaming on this full moon? Check out other dreamers (or participate) here.

Thank you, Jamie Ridler, for giving me the space and permission to dream!

Happy full cold moon, lunar eclipse solstice!



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5 responses to “Dreamin’ on the Full Cold, Solstice, Lunar Eclipse Moon

  1. This is beautiful. Oh, how I love what you have written and the dreamboard you created. I am grateful you shared it….

  2. Hello lovely mountain mermaid. It seems like ages since I have been by here. Life is so very full. I envy your Colorado spot to watch the night sky. How did you find the lunar eclipse? Was it as red as I’ve seen on the net? It was cloudy here and I do live among so many trees that watching the night sky isn’t the same. My son leaves in a couple of days to spend Christmas in Steamboat. Thank you for sharing your dreams. I would love to dip into that tub right about now and get whisked off on a lake to watch the night sky. Merry Christmas!

  3. Great board. Love the bath, bike….

  4. How beautiful! What a treat to see images you’ve made yourself as well as ones you’ve gathered. There’s lots of magic here! I wonder what paths your dreams will guide you down! May all of your dreams come true.

  5. I love that background on the left side too!

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