What hunger do I wish to feed?

It is Wishcasting Wednesday, and I have been thinking on Jamie Ridler‘s wishcasting question from last week: What hunger do I wish to feed?

I wish to feed my hunger for contentment.

to feel contentment

…with my process
…with my accomplishments

…with my work
…with my play
…with my decisions
…with my everyday living

It is not that I don’t feel contentment.

As I write a draft of this post I am watching the sky and the mountains outside my studio window turn many shades of pink and golden as the day begins in the beautiful valley where I live.

Studio Sunrise - not from the same day, but you get the idea

Later I will pedal my bike down to the river and watch its life flow through town.

I enjoyed the process of creating the journal entries I am sharing with you. Sitting in Cafe Dawn with my latte and muffin letting myself explore with my pencils.

Grant Me the Courage...

Abstract Calligraphy, inspired by Miro

I love playing in my backyard.

But sometimes I feel antsy and unsure. What does it really mean to be content? Life is hectic, and not always as I wish. Can I be content, and yet not always feel satisfied with where I am?

Everyday I feed my hunger for contentment by being grateful for my beautiful ordinary moments.

Participating in wishcasting Wednesday (even if I’m not very consistent) helps me feed my hunger for contentment. It makes me consider what I’d like to bring into my life, and also to be grateful for what I have. What hunger do you wish to feed?



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7 responses to “What hunger do I wish to feed?

  1. What a lovely thing to wish for! As you wish, I wish for you also! You also live in a lovely place!

  2. Oh, I love love love love love this…
    and contentment and enjoyment are like sisters, giggling together with their feet dangling close to the river.

    THANK YOU for taking us along on your journey!
    As you wish, I so wish for you also!

  3. I really enjoyed your post…..’beautiful ordinary moments’..i’m feeling inspired by the way your journey is shared here it looks beautiful…….gratitude and contentment …… as you wish for yourself i wish for you also.

  4. Grace

    What a beautiful life you have! 🙂

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well!

  5. Beautiful photos and this is so wonderful. I think we could all do good to enjoy the beautiful ordinary moments.

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  6. I enjoyed reading your post, it’s something to give me further thought.
    As you wish for yourself, so I do gratefully wish for you also.

  7. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you. 🙂

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