Gathering Love

As the month of ‘love’ month comes to a close, I want to share some loves, and remember that LOVE IS FOR EVERY DAY!

At the end of last week I suggested to my husband, Tim, that maybe a night away would be fun. “How about the Sand Dunes, and then Joyful Journey on the way home,” I said.

We have a cozy camper van (Samwise) to protect us from the cold winter desert, and I needed to get out of town get and relax. We planned a menu and decided to leave late Saturday afternoon. My sweet man organized all of our food for dinner and breakfast as I worked up until almost the appointed departure time.

We arrived at Sand Dunes National Park (about two hours from home) just before dark. There were a few hardy tent campers, but we still found our room with a view. It was blustery and  a bit rainy, but we were cozy in Samwise. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, a bottle of wine by candle light while listening to the wind and rain whip outside.

The next morning it had grown considerably colder and the wind had not abated. No matter – we hunkered down with our french toast and lattes and then spent the morning reading (and journaling for me). It was luxurious and romantic.

Here is the love page I created in celebration of loving my husband and our spontaneous adventures.

Here are some of my loves from this adventure:
My loving husband, Tim
Samwise, our trusty camper van
A room with a view
Red wine
Relaxing on a Sunday morning
A warm bathroom (which the Sand Dunes campground happens to have in the winter)
French toast with blackberries
A latté with Kahlua
The amazing Mother Nature – who created the Sand Dunes
Soaking in hot water after a blustery hike

After hanging out on Sunday morning we finally ventured out for a hike. We got a bit pelted by the sand, but it was worth it to experience the textures and colors of the dunes in winter. Here are a few snaps of this amazing natural wonder:

Oh yes, we did enjoy soaking at Joyful Journey on our way home.

I hope you’ve had a loving month. May you have love in your everyday life, every day!


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One response to “Gathering Love

  1. Hi I love your description of your enjoyment of your journey to the dunes, (I can’t wait until I can have French toast again!) both in your word and your visual capturing. Your traveling hobbit-house (Samwise, yes?) sounds adorably intimate. I’ve always wanted a Bambi. Look forward to getting to know you in the RB in Biz Premium group!

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