Embracing Spring

Life has been super busy lately. I am right smack at the mid point of the VTP (Virtual Training Program at Assist U), trying to figure out how to articulate who I am as a VA – blending my creativity and left-brain skills to handle the essential administrative tasks for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are at their capacity and want to move their business forward (more on this as the journey continues!).

On top of that I participated in in the Right Brainers in Business Video Summit, hosted by Jennifer Lee to launch her new book, for the past two weeks. It was fantastic, but wow – stimulus overload.

Oh yeah – and we didn’t have heat or hot water in our house most of last week. And we are now the proud owners of a brand, spanking new boiler. No relaxing at home for the week really threw me for a loop. I’m not complaining though, because I have heat and water now, and it could be a lot worse. My heart goes out to all the people in Japan, especially those directly affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and other awful things going on there.

I’ve wanted to go skiing in these past few weeks, and even though it is super close to home, it still takes at least a half day to go play on the mountain. The weather has been really nice and spring-like here in the Upper Arkansas Valley, so I decided to go with the embracing spring concept. I pedaled on the wonderful trails out my back door four days in a row –yeah – even in shorts a few times. It was exhilarating to push my body physically as I undulated along the trails. This is just what my body needs to relax & feel better.

The mountain mermaid also wanted to share where she was on her journey, but hasn’t had the energy to try to put together the perfect post.  So tonight I thought I would share these thoughts and feelings, along with the fun piece I created last night (above) – instead of waiting for the perfect moment and the perfect words.

Thanks for sharing my journey with me. I’d love to hear how you’re embracing spring.


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