Say Cheese & Sparkle

Jamie Ridler launched her e-course Sparkles this week.  I’m always using time as an excuse for not showing up for my creativity, so I couldn’t resist her invitation for 31 creativity prompts (in 31 days) that you can do in 5 minutes or less.

The day registration opened my creative yearning inspired me to create a ‘quick’ journal page in celebration. I had already shut down my computer and was ready to walk out of my studio when this yearning appeared. Here is my sparkling creation.

Sparkles to celebrate Jamie Ridler's Sparkles e-course

Yesterday’s Wishcasting Wednesday prompt was in celebration of the e-course launch: How do you wish to sparkle?

Perfect, I thought, I will share my fun journal entry and my wish to sparkle just by being me.

Well, I didn’t ‘get’ to that yesterday…which seems to be the way I typically handle the wishcasting prompts. Wednesday’s are a full day of work, and then the evening was filled with…well filled. Great excuse, huh, but that is ‘me’.

I was about to leave my studio tonight when I realized I had not read my first Sparkles prompt. OK, I told myself, you have five minutes! The prompt was to sparkle and say cheese – so here I am, impromptu, being me! (Adding the time to create this post bumped my creative play up to about 25 minutes. Yeah me!)

Sparkling Me

Thanks Jamie – I’m looking forward to sparkling for the next 30 days…and beyond.

How do you wish to sparkle?



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5 responses to “Say Cheese & Sparkle

  1. i love the sparkling you~gorgeous.

  2. I love your sparkling picture. It really is fun to find at least 5 minutes a day to do something creative. And I have found that five minutes definitely leads to more time spent being creative which is my goal.

  3. Yes, indeed you ARE sparkling! Look at you…

    love the journal page, too…

    As you wish, so I wish for you also!! I WISH!!!

  4. Yay! How wonderful! It’s a delight to see you smiling and celebrating and wishing and – wow, so much goodness!

    Hey, I just added a spot to share at the Sparkles site . Come on by and link to this post 🙂

  5. Paula - Buenos Aires

    Good to see you smile! You look radiantly sparkling. 🙂

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