What do I wish to transform?

Lately I’ve been thinking about how and why and when to begin truly  sharing my new entrepreneurial venture with my mountain mermaid fans. There has been so much to do, it has certainly been keeping me away a bit more than I’d like. I have eluded to it in a post or two, and then it finally hit me (duh!) – this is one of my creative adventures, and I need to share it now.

I am more than halfway through the Assist U Virtual Training Program and there is an inkling of tangibility to this business I’m creating. The program has been transforming. It isn’t about teaching you ‘hard skills’; it is about teaching you the ‘soft skills’ you need to create a successful business and have a balanced life. There is so much to learn and do to create a business.

It is the community that truly makes this program amazing. I have met so many wonderful people – my trainer, the founder Anastacia Brice, practicing VAs and students – and made so many friends in the past few months. It is another testament to online communities because I have yet to meet one of my new friends in person! And once I graduate from the program, I get to continue being part of this amazing community.

The program has pushed me to my comfort zone and beyond, and it has me super excited about what I have to offer to other entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them move their businesses forward.

My business plan, which has been another adventure all on its own, is nearly ready to put into action. Tonight I realized this is my wish (as the answer to Jamie Ridler’s wishcasting question -what do you wish to transform? – from last Wednesday):

I wish to transform my business plan
into my business!

Business Plan Cover - April 2011

I will transform my business plan into a successful business, and I’ve been taking baby steps in sharing my new venture with the world. I’m still working out so many details, but to paraphrase Jennifer Lee, author of the Right Brain Business Plan, if you wait until everything is just perfect you may never do anything.

Sharing with you tonight, dear mountain mermaid fans, is one action step towards making my wish reality:

I am a virtual professional who works with entrepreneurs and small-business owners. I partner with my clients to handle their essential administrative work – keeping their businesses running smoothly and dynamically, and giving them the essential time needed to work ON their businesses (and not just in them). I love collaborating with these like-minded business owners: they are passionate about moving their businesses forward and they understand they can’t do it alone and still lead a balanced life.

I’ll have more information at my new website at lisadeyoung.com in a few months. In the meantime if you have any questions, please let me know. Feel free to leave a ‘comment’ on this post. I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by and listening. Be sure to let me know what you wish to transform  and stop by Jamie Ridler Studios to see what other wishcasters are transforming.


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  1. Awesome! I love the artwork, the tag line, and the passion! You are amazing!

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