May (Snow) Showers

…bring moisture to our parched valley

…and snow-covered buds

Snowy Crab Apple Buds, May 1, 2011, photo by Tim DeYoung

This week I was hoping to begin sharing My Salida Backyard with a  picture of our beautiful, blossoming crab apple trees. Alas, Mother Nature had other ideas. I’m not complaining because the moisture is welcome to our parched valley!

But these little trees are beautiful when in bloom. And despite my less than enthusiastic opinion of having two crab apple trees in front of my house, when we bought our house five years ago, I have grown to love these trees.

The offer beautiful blossoms in the spring and yummy fruit in the fall.

Buds ready to burst just a few days ago

Crab apple tree budding this spring, pre-snow

Last year the buds got nipped by an April frost before they were even close to flowering – so not only no pretty flowers in the spring, but not much in the way of fruit in the fall.

Blossoming crab apple tree - spring 2009

We have found that the fruit that grows on our trees is tart and tasty. Each crab apple is only a few bites worth, and you can crunch on them right off the tree. I make my breakfast oat bran muffins filled with crab apples each fall.

My real labor of love was the pie I made for my pie guy husband a few years ago. It took hours to cut up all of the crab apples it takes to make a pie!

Pie ready crab apples

Birthday Pie 2008

It was worth every minute! Tim enjoyed the birthday celebration, and the pie.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! (2008)

I have grown to love our little trees, and I’m still hoping for beautiful blossoms and lots of fruit for another pie for Tim’s birthday this fall.

It has been snowing on and off since about 8:30p (MT) last night. It looked like about 5″ when we woke this morning – before the day got warmer and it started to melt. This is our biggest snow of the season, and on May 1! Go figure. It’s still snowing out there as I finish this post, and I’m off for a little walk in the white world.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for sending us some much needed moisture. And I’m sure you’re protecting our little buds and will send us lots of fruit this year, too!


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