Buffalo Creek Moonscape

Light and shadow played on the trail as I pedaled through the trees and rocks. Some of the burn areas provided little protection from the day’s warm sun. I’m not complaining as it was the first really warm day of the season, and I was happy to be outside using my heart and lungs and legs.

Buffalo Creek trails are on Forest Service land near Pine and Bailey, Colorado – about halfway between home and Denver,  where we were headed for a Kentucky Derby Party and some city shopping.

There was a huge wild fire in the area in 1996. Although the land has begun to renew itself, the landscape is a bit surreal: forest interspersed with barren landscape – all dotted with giant moonish rock formations.

Friday night my hubby and I got in a quick overnight getaway – wandering around amongst the trees and the rocks, and sleeping amongst the stars.

The next morning we pedaled through the surreal landscape. The trails are really fun on a mountain bike as they are relatively smooth and undulate up and down.

It was a great little diversion on our way to the city. I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful and fun backyard to call home!


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  1. Hi Lisa, It’s been a while since I have been over here at your blog to visit.
    I have been in the deep trenches of a writing project and haven’t been doing a log of socializing in Blog land. But I have a nice visit scrolling through your recent posts and I am happy to see you are still living your creative sparkly life. Great to drop by.

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