Celebrating…and now back at it

Last Thursday I finished Class 19 of the Assist U VTP. Although I still have a big final to take in a few weeks, this felt like a big accomplishment. The VTP includes five rigorous months of classes, fieldwork and practical projects that put me well on my way to beginning my Virtual Assistance practice.

In addition, I am part of the last class going through the ‘live call’ class model. [I am not sure what the new program model will look like, but I’m sure it will be very good. Assist U’s founder, Anastacia Brice, is very committed to helping students learn how to create successful Virtual Assistance practices.]

This all seemed good cause for celebration.

Lisa & Tim in Bandelier National Monument

I needed a chance to complete relax and rejuvenate for the next step. I admit to planning this getaway in advance. I could not leave it completely to chance – although our adventures generally include some exploring where you never know quite what will happen.

Evening one we found home off of Forest Road 97 just north of Ojo Caliente where we planned to spend Friday. It was a bit chilly and blustery, but we were snug in Samwise, our trusty adventure companion.

Friday we explored the trails around Ojo – pedaling through sand and rocks and playing with Mica in the old mica mine nearby.

Sparking mica raining down

The afternoon was spent soaking in the variety of mineral pools that include waters from a Lithia Spring; an Iron Spring; a Soda Spring;  and an Arsenic Spring. There is also a mud pool, and my skin felt oh so smooth after this treatment.

Friday night found us at one of our favorite campgrounds outside of Santa Fe, Black Canyon. We ended up in what is becoming a favorite site: #28. We enjoyed a celebratory meal of grilled filet mignon, rice, salad, a lovely bottle of vino and my peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Saturday we pedaled our mountain bikes along the undulating trails of the Dale Ball Trails – an urban trail system just outside of Santa Fe. Afterwards we made our planned stop at Trader Joe’s. Our check out clerk queried us on where we were from. She could tell from our ‘dry goods’ purchasing that included multiple packages of different kinds of nuts and several of the BIG Trader Joe’s chocolate bars, among other things, that home (and a refrigerator or freezer) was probably not close by.

After our big shop we headed north for Bandelier National Monument. We camped at the park campground that evening, and spent half of Sunday exploring Frijoles Canyon imagining the lives of those that lived there nearly 700 years ago. It is a beautiful, lush (in a very arid area) canyon with large Ponderosa pine trees, cave dwelling ruins and a beautiful creek that plunges into the Rio Grand river. How lucky we are to have such an amazing National Park System. We bought an annual pass for the parks and have a few other National Park adventures in the works.

All this adventure was wrapped up with sleeping in the fresh air in the comfort of Samwise’s top bunk, spending time relaxing at camp reading and playing in my journal, and hanging out with my dear hubby. It was my kind of celebration weekend, and although I was a little tired by the time we arrived home – it was a good, fun-filled, action-packed kind of tired.

And now I am ready to dig back into the work needed to complete the VTP final, work on my entrepreneurial venture, and plan for the next summer adventure!

Thanks for sharing my celebration and adventure! I’d love to hear how you enjoy celebrating.


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One response to “Celebrating…and now back at it

  1. OMG I want to come camping with you and Tim! 🙂 I love, love, love this piece of art, Lisa you are so talented. Truly.

    I celebrate YOU and your VTP journey and coming soon your VA journey.

    You ROCK! love and vugs ~laura, laura

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