Returning from Hiatus

Wow! It is hard to believe that it has been over a month since I last posted. The mountain mermaid really lost her momentum!

It seems lots and not much has happened.

The first exciting news is I graduated from Assist U. I’m happy to report that I passed the grueling (yes it was – and it was an awesome experience) weekend long exam, and ultimately the program.

Click here to verify at

I am very excited to be done, and I plan to introduce my Virtual Assistance business to you by this fall. My goal is to have an official launch of my website on my birthday.


That is my public commitment!

And here is a little bit of advance skinny…

As a Virtual Assistant I can help busy entrepreneurs accomplish their goals and still have time their lives.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all you have to accomplish to keep your business thriving I would love to learn about you and your business, and help you to create balance while moving forward. I can be your partner (not in the legal sense) for success.

A Virtual Assistant works in a collaborative relationship with each client – learning her business and goals and helping her to reach her goals.

Click here to learn more about how a Virtual Assistant might support you and your business.

If you want to contact me directly about how I might help you with your thriving business, email me at lisa (at) lisadeyoung (dot) com. I’d love to get to know you and your goals to see if we might be a match.

After the exam I spent the week recovering and the weekend playing along the river for Fibark, Salida’s biggest (boating) event of the summer. The river was high, and the live music cranking!

A few days later my husband and I left for a well-deserved vacation: a road trip in Samwise to explore the Tetons and beyond. We snuggled into a fun routine of hiking, eating, sleeping, hanging with friends, biking and generally doing whatever we felt like at the moment.

The Tetons are amazing, AMAZING – and it was wonderful to be unplugged and playing for a week.

Click here if you want to see some more photos of our fabulous adventure!

I’ve been back for a over a week. Playing catch-up is my excuse for the more extended hiatus from my blog. I have not been as consistent with posting my creative adventures (life) as I intend, but some times that is just life. Thanks for understanding.

Summer is flying by. I have lots to enjoy during these warm and languid days, and lots to accomplish if I intend to launch my new website on 9/9.

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! I’d love to hear about your adventures.



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2 responses to “Returning from Hiatus

  1. You are awesome and will be an amazing Virtual Assistant! 🙂

  2. I think escaping blogging to fall into such a beautiful natural adventure and world sounds good to me! Getting back to reality must be challenging but you can do it. Good luck on your site launch and BTW, I have been icing my knee and it is actually healing. 🙂

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