Dreamin’ of Graceful Power

We have had some much needed moisture in our valley this week. Clouds in the sky have kept the waxing moon a bit elusive.

This did not stop me from dreaming about creating the business, and the life I want.

You can see the power of my dreams

…in the delicate Columbines (Colorado’s state flower), that are so delicate and graceful, yet they must be strong to live in the harsh terrain of our beautiful Rocky mountains.

…in the women I have included on my board

…in the illustrations of connection

…the lion who is graceful and strong yet very powerful

This week I have made such progress on these dreams – I can feel the power that creating this board has given me.

I hope to see the beautiful full moon tonight, but if I don’t I know she is looking down on me and helping me to make my dreams come true.

What are you dreamin’ on this beautiful full moon summer day? Check out other dreamers over at Jamie Ridler Studios.



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5 responses to “Dreamin’ of Graceful Power

  1. A beautiful, powerful dreamboard you’ve put together. Thriving is elegant – I LOVE that!!

  2. Here’s to your wonderful dreams may they be realized over the next month.

  3. Beautiful board. Love it.

  4. I absolutely adore that “Just stepped out” image in particular. All of the images are powerful and positive though. Love all that female energy!

  5. Rae

    At the heart of your board is connection. That word has come to say so much to me. Connecting with others and connecting with myself. I hopye your MOONth is filled with grace and strength!

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