‘Luv’ for Jamie Ridler

Yesterday was July 23, the deadline for Jamie Ridler’s Video Luv. I wimped out of making a video to tell Jamie how much I love her. But I did not want the time to pass without me telling her how much I love her and the work she does.

Jamie Ridler is an amazing creativity coach who has broadened my horizon on what creativity means. She helped me to realize that creativity can be part of every aspect of my life and creativity is for everyone.

I had been been struggling with being a lettering and book artist for so long – and I thought the only way I could be was to devote myself to being a prolific, well-known artist. During my free time I struggled with wanting to spend time making art and wanting to play outside. I could not find balance between the two, and also have time for eating, sleeping, working and all the other things in life. I never really thought of the other aspects of my life as being creative.

Now I know I can enjoy my art-making however and whenever it pleases me – and I’m still an artist. I can dance around my studio all by myself and be a dancer. I can use my ‘work’ skills and expertise to create a business and be an entrepreneur. I can bake muffins, play in my garden, decorate my house. All of these are creative acts, and each one I do with passion makes me feel like a creative being.

I found Jamie’s blog about a year and a half ago, and have really enjoyed participating in her creative challenges when I can, listening to her Creative Living podcasts, dancing to the tunes she posts – just because I want to move, meeting the other creative souls in the amazing community she’s developed, and generally absorbing her beautiful, creative outlook on life.

I have no real excuse for not making a video – except that I have never made one before and I just wimped out. I played with iMovie on my laptop one time, and I’m sure I could have figured it out. I even had an idea. But I’m afraid of public speaking so it was easy to talk myself out of making the time to figure it out by the deadline. Public speaking, at least on a small scale, is something I’d like to conquer, so I know video making where I must speak will be in my future.

In the meantime I can, without hesitation, create this post that says:

YOU ROCK Jamie Ridler.

Thank you so much for sharing your creative soul with me, for connecting with me on so many levels, for developing the amazing community of creatives that also love you. I can’t wait to be part of what the future holds as part of your creative community.

I think you’re missing out if you haven’t visited Jamie Ridler Studios!


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