Summertime Fun

This summer I have been determined to enjoy the summer to its fullest. For me it’s the time to take advantage of the long, warm days and play outside as much as possible. As always it is easy for life to get in the way and for the summer to fly by without including all the fun things you want to do.

So during our awesome Teton Road Trip Tim & I made a list of the FUN things we wanted to make sure were part of our summer. The list includes:

  • Vino Salida Lobster Fest
  • Camping and pedaling around Crested Butte
  • Summiting Mt Ouray
  • Backpacking overnight somewhere in the mountains
  • Pedaling the famous Crest Trail (which is in our backyard).
  • Swimming in the river

This past week I got to add a check mark by three things on my list.

Enjoying lobster and wine at the river’s edge while looking at the mountains! Lobster is something I love, and living in landlocked Colorado makes it a rare treat. Yummy food, beautiful scenery and fun company! My friend, Steve the winemaker, created this Vino Salida event for us landlocked folks to be able to enjoy Lobster, along with their wine, live music and lots of fun people.

Judy & Ed serving Vino Salida wind

Lobster with the Sawatch Range in the background!

Our original plan to road trip to Crested Butte this weekend fell through because of a mechanical, so I suggested we hike Mt Ouray  – something else I really wanted to do. Mt Ouray keeps watch over our valley – I call it Father Ouray, and I love to look upon this grand mountain (OK – I talk to it, too) when I am pedaling about or hiking in our nearby hills. I have wanted to be on summit looking out on the valley and the panorama of mountains.

Mt Ouray from the trails near town (earlier this year)

Looking back to Salida and the valley from Mt Ouray's summit - July 23, 2011

Saturday dawned beautiful, as it has been, and we started hiking from Marshall Pass around 8:00 am MT. After hiking through a plethora of wildflowers and scrambling over many rocks we reached the summit around 11:00 am. It was such a beautiful day – not a threat of thunder storms anywhere – that we hung out on the summit, with a few others, for nearly an hour and a half. It is rare when a summit is inviting for that long.

Columbine, Colorado's state flower, are so delicate – yet so strong to thrive in this rugged terrain.

At Arm's Length (that would be Tim's arm) from the summit

More wild flowers and rocks on the scramble back down – and the refreshing Arkansas River to plunge into when we got back to town. The river is still flowing strong, but the ‘eddy’ by the boat ramp is perfect for an invigorating dip. Last week was the first river swimming of the season.

Taking the Plunge!


More swimmin’ to come as the river goes down…and the days stays hot!

What’s on your bucket list for the summer? Don’t let the summer whiz by without checking off some of the things on your Summertime Fun list!


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