cause for pause and reflection…

Fall is suddenly in the air. When I reflect on this summer that flew by so quickly, I know it was filled with lots of great adventures and fun with friends. A regret is that along the way I’ve neglected the mountain mermaid. A week goes by and then another and I post nothing of my funtastic creative adventures.

I realize that this is part of my creative journey – to be a bit inconsistent with my creative ventures. I am what Barbara Sher refers to as a scanner. I am passionate about everything I want to try, I try this thing or that and move on quickly. This, to me, translates as inconsistency.

I don’t always completely abandon my creative ventures. If I do, it happens fairly quickly. And if not, I continue the journey at my pace and with my continuity. I’ve been blogging as the mountain mermaid for almost two years. I am her and cannot be abandoned – but you may not always hear from me regularly.

So where do I pick-up, or start? Where do I go from here? What am I doing here?

Since I’m not really sure, I’ll just jump in and share with you my latest fall creative adventure in the arts.

The pencil part of this entry was created last Thursday morning (9/1) at Cafe Dawn while sipping a latte and hanging out with my hubby reading his NYT.

This entry inspired the stamp in the lower right corner, which I carved on Sunday afternoon for my calendar-journal.

And what is my calendar-journal you might wonder?
It is something that I’ve been doing for years now (maybe I need to go back and count). As usual I haven’t always been completely consistent (sometimes days or weeks go by without an entry), but I’ve never abandoned the practice. Until the past few years my calender-journal had always been a cool desk planner that I bought – where I would jot down what I did each day. I think it was originally my way of keeping track of my exercise, how many days I skied or rode my mountain bike in a season, . It is still for this, but it is also a document of my bigger creative journey.

I usually do this each evening, in bed, before I get to sleep. It is pretty sloppy and quick, but the process grounds me and allows me to think back on my day and how I felt or feel.

The past few years I began creating my own calendar- journal – or at least the pages that are within some blank spiral bound journals produced as prototypes for another project. At the beginning of this year I carved myself a squarish border stamp that I use to create the days. In colored pencil I letter the month and year at the top of each spread and write in the day and date in the square on each page. I’ve carved or used another stamp that I’ve created to decorate each month. Here is how September is beginning…

My aspen leaf stamp - our fall colors are this month in colorado. This stamp has already been made into cards, too, to send to family and friends.

Here is what some of my more inspired months look like:

Hearts carved for February, and also used for cards to send to family & friends.

Tulip carved for April, and also used for cards. We don't really get tulips in Salida 'til May, but that's OK.

Circles and other shapes carved for fun and cards - used for May because I didn't get to carving anything specifically for the month.

Girl on bicycle carved some years ago for a books arts edition workshop. It was fun to pick up and stamp with it again.

Besides the decorative stamps you can see the squarish stamp that I carved to create a space for each day. I don’t always stay in the lines, and there is plenty of space for other writings and sketchings. I wish I sketched more, but I’m working on it.

Even though I have not gotten to it each month – I love creating the stamps to decorate each month, and I love playing with the colors on my stamp pads.

I don’t really go back in my book that often, but I enjoy the process of creating my calendar-journals and documenting my journey.

I had thought I might get back into posting swing with sharing my September journal post. The other night when I was stamping with my aspens stamp, and the air was turning crisp and fallish, I thought it might be fun to share my calendar-journal process. It has been great to reflect on this process I’ve developed over the years as I’ve written this story.

I’d love to hear your fall reflections.



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2 responses to “cause for pause and reflection…

  1. I totally relate to your post. I get the same hyped up feeling when a great creative idea pops in to my head. Then it seems to go as fast as it came and it’s on to the next project. I’m not sure if it’s a curse or a blessing to have so many varied interests. LOVE the calendar pages. Great idea!!

  2. Lisa, I love your calendar-journal! And you CARVE your own stamps, wow! Ya gotta say more—how, out of what, can you share pix? I am so impressed and inspired by your creativity. Thanks for sharing and opening new possibilities and directions for me in my journaling! Vugs!

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