Fall wish come true

Yesterday I read Jamie Ridler’s wishcasting question, but I did not put much thought into it. It was another busy Wednesday, and I had asked my husband if we might drive up to Aspen Ridge in the evening – to check out the golden colors of this Colorado fall.

In the late afternoon we gathered a picnic and headed out in our van. It was a beautiful fall evening as we drove up the dirt road leading to Aspen Ridge.  As we headed towards the ridge we drove in and out of aspen groves in various shades of fall gold.

Clouds had appeared, and I wasn’t sure we were going to get much sun to light up the gold but it was beautiful none-the-less and I was happy to be outside. When we finally reached the top of the ridge the sun was descending towards the peaks and popped out of the dense clouds above. The hillsides of aspen lit up in a shimmering gold. The clouds above lit up, too.

As the sun sunk beneath the ridge of peaks, the hillsides lit up with more golden light – alpen glow. Then the clouds began to turn color, too.

It was getting a bit chilly so we pulled out our picnic – fresh garden tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots; leftover grilled chicken; a ripe avocado; blue cheese; a fresh loaf of rosemary olive bread from the Salida Bread Company; and a bottle of red wine.

dinner prep

We settled in with our scrumptious dinner and watched the clouds turn pink and orange. I could not have reserved a better view at the finest restaurant, or been served better food or better company.

Jamie’s question for Wishcasting Wednesday,’What do you wish for fall?’ was in my sub-conscious. I had hoped for a lovely, romantic evening. The evening exceeded my expectations. And I was struck with the realization that I am living the good life I often wish for. I was so at home in this outdoor setting in my backyard – hanging out with my hubby, gazing out at the mountains and eating yummy food we had grown in our garden.

Now my only other wish for fall is that the season lingers. I love the changing of seasons and winter, but I resist the cold, dark days and wish for these days of glorious fall color to linger.

What do you wish for your fall?



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5 responses to “Fall wish come true

  1. Oh Lisa, the photos are breathtaking! And your van is totally cool, there’s a blog post in itself :::smile:::

  2. Oh…I wish for cool weather and glorious days at the beach walking, reading, napping, and eating!

  3. Stunning photos ~ sooo beautiful! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you!

  4. Amy

    Yesterday, as I drove to the post office, I looked at the colors beginning to turn here in IL and wished Autumn would hang out for a while longer this year, too! It’s my favorite season. Thank you for sharing your Colorado gold with us.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing!
    May your wish come true!

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