Harvest Moon Dreamin’

I have been thinking of the abundance of this month with the approach of the full harvest moon.

It is the first year we’ve ever ripened enough tomatoes to share with friends. We’ve also had lots of peppers, cucumbers, swiss chard, peas, lettuce, and more! Our garden has been awesome.

I’ve made an abundance of new friends this year – through Assist U and also my online creative adventures. I feel so blessed by all of my friends. Special thanks goes to Jamie Ridler for the community of dreamers and wishers she has created. I am honored to be part of it.

Last night, although I did not see the moon rise, it lit my way as I pedaled to the 5th anniversary celebration for the yoga studio I practice at. The wonderful community Annie Jacob has created at The Yoga Tonic offers much abundance.

This morning when I woke in the grey morning I could feel the moon shining in – it called to me. I could see it from home, but I wanted the abundance of beauty that the backdrop of the mountains would create. I dressed warmly and pedaled down to the river, and walked across the railroad tracks to a spot where I had a (basically) unobstructed view of the moon and the peaks. And I watched as the peaks became bathed in pink from the coming of the sun. It was a beautiful way to start my day. I live with an abundance of beauty everywhere I look.

Tonight as I write this post there is late day sun is waning from  those same peaks, and I am looking at my dreamboard on my bulletin board in front of me.

The women with the camera is looking at something – I’m not sure what she is seeing, but maybe something to do with my true north judging from the compass below.

The other woman is indulging in one of my favorite pass times – pedaling her bike. It is always my preferred mode of transportation.

There are a lot of letters on my board – it is not really about the words but the lettering’ – even on the letter I wrote to the universe. Do I have an abundance of lettering arts in my future this month? I did calligraph names for some awards certificates for a local art show last weekend. What else might be in store?

The artists book is sculpted to say Time. I’ve been thinking a lot about my time and how I’m spending it this month. It never seems to feel like there is an abundance of time for all I want to do, but maybe I will be finding more time for my lettering and book arts this month. I sure hope so!

I think the artistic yoginis are telling me I need more yoga in my life. It is time to get back to The Yoga Tonic after the summer of playing outside. Last night’s celebration inspired me for this.

I am not sure about the globe because I don’t have any exotic travels planned, but it’s always in my dreams. The silverware is sitting on a map of some sort, too. Hmmm…

I’m also not sure why the peregrin falcon is here, but he is sure watching me!

It will be interesting to see how the month plays out…

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Harvest Moon Dreamin’ everyone. Leave me a comment and I’ll swing by and see what you’re dreaming up!



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6 responses to “Harvest Moon Dreamin’

  1. I like the images you chose but more importantly I LOVE the fact that you included an actual LETTER to the Universe on your board. That is a great idea!

  2. Rebecca

    Falcons and haws are messengers telling us to pay attention. Lovely dreamboard.

  3. Great images in your board. May all your visions come true.

  4. Rae

    Love the letter at the center of the dream board. I am on a new path personally and think writing a letter like that might be energizing! I wish you a MOONth filled with dreams come true! Rae

  5. Awesome photograph! Such beauty! I can almost smell the fresh morning air. 🙂
    It´s great to be able to have an idea of your board´s size too. It looks very integrated to your space.

  6. Beautiful imagery both on your board, outdoors, and in your writing Lisa—authentically written from the heart. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration. Vuuuuugs!

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