AEDM 2011 – check-in #1

or should this really be titled Commitment?

I agonized over whether to commit to art every day month (AEDM). The truth is the only thing I do EVERY day is floss and brush my teeth (and I am the oral hygiene queen).

AEDM is only for one month, so I should be able to commit to that everyday, right? It doesn’t have to be elaborate art everyday.

So I went to Leah’s site and signed up. I had an idea – Every Day a Line – from reading about a workshop my calligraphy teacher Laurie Doctor teaches called Not a Day without a Line.

How hard could this be, I thought.

day 1 art

I decided I needed some structure so on day 2 I cut pieces of Arches text wove down to 14″w x 5″ h with the thought I would make a book and then have a 7″ x 5″ page for Everyday a Line

Day 3 I was crawling into bed with a sheet of my paper and my watercolor pencils

day 3 art

On day 4 I got that day 3 sheet wet, and I lettered on another sheet

day 4 art

This is part of a quote from Julie Daley’s conversation with Jamie Ridler on Creative Living. I am inspired to work with the entire quote on my AEDM sheets as the month goes on. You’ll have to check back to see the entire quote, or listen to Creative Living with Jamie.

Day 5 turned totally off topic when I was spending the afternoon in the kitchen preparing for dinner guests, and my apple pie became a work of art in itself.


Day 6 I rested…

Day 7 I continued my work with the quote.

day 7 art

This post and AEDM is as much, for me, about commitment as it is about creating art every day. Although I am not sure I will be close to Everyday a Line (day 8 is not over yet), I am inspired by the ideas I’ve begun to cultivate and I am committed to continuing the  journey this month.

How is your journey with commitment?



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8 responses to “AEDM 2011 – check-in #1

  1. Love your beautiful quote and lettering and mmmmm yes, that pie is a work of art. Happy AEDM :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. Wow. How beautiful to see how you’ve created art with those words I shared with Jamie. I love seeing how spirit weaves its way through us all. It’s lovely to meet you!

  3. ahh commitment, I am wonderful at making short term commitments but they are only good until the next idea for a great commitment comes along. I like that you are keeping it simple – a line a day – to keep you momentum. I love day 7 and that pie looks soooo yummy!

  4. I’m so delighted to see the podcast is a part of your AEDM inspiration! What a joy to see what you’re creating.

  5. Commitment? Hmm not too bad so far, but then creating art and writing is something I like so not sure I’d be the same with someone I didn’t lol. Great creations, including the yummy looking pie, thanks for sharing, hugs, Jennibellie xx

  6. * something, not someone lol sorry 🙂

  7. Amy

    Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing so much about YOU! 🙂

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