Chillin’ with the Full Frost Moon

The full moon is burning brightly in the sky on this chilly night. It is so beautiful, and I feel that she is watching over me.

My board has many images on it, and I like the idea that they are telling me to look inward for nourishment and build my roots of belief in myself.

It is an exciting time as I begin to build a clientele for my Virtual Assistance business – and also sometimes scary and disappointing when things don’t go as I would like.

I have been sleeping restlessly recently, and I am hoping the woman smiling as she lays with closed eyes on comfy looking pillows, and the other pillows are here to help me to rest peacefully. I know I need this for nourishment! I believe the lemons, water bottle and woman meditating are also indications of nourishment I need.

This is the second month in a row a woman looking through the lense of a camera – and an ‘older’ camera – has appeared on my dream board. I am not sure what she is telling me, although since the can with brushes and such appeared next to her this month perhaps she is encouraging me to create!

Bicycles also seem to appear on my board frequently. I am an avid cyclist and pedaling is my preferred method of transportation around my town.

The snuggling apes and couple are reminding me I am loved! My hubby is so supportive of me and my dreams!

I love the sea kayaker that appeared. I hope that means there is a sea kayaking trip in my future!

Who is that woman behind the window screens and what is the door below her – there must be some mysteries I need to uncover this month.

I am so excited to have a special place for my monthly dream boards now that I’ve reorganized my studio! I hope this brings me some continuity to my dream board practice which I am beginning to love more and more. Thank you Jamie Ridler!

Have a fantastic month!

Next New Moon: November 25
Next Full Moon: December 10


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One response to “Chillin’ with the Full Frost Moon

  1. thanks for posting this Mountain Mermaid! I love it. I hope I post one up next month.



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