AEDM check in #2

As I mentioned in my #1 AEDM check-in post that I am not very good at committing to something every single day, except brushing my teeth. I have for sure brushed my teeth every day since November 8. I have probably made a line every day, but I do not have a separate piece to show you for every day.

I have enjoyed playing with the idea I generated around the quote from Julie Daley:

I am this woman who is here creating following the threads of what wants to come into being.

Julie and Jamie also talked about our ‘evolving identity’ during their conversation, and this journal entry sprang from that term:

Evolving Identity Journal entry

Here are the other pieces I’ve been working on. I like some parts and other parts not so much. I will add some more layers, and I hope to make these sheets into a small book. We’ll see how it will evolve…I promise to share.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have! Thanks for stopping by. Happy creating!


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