aedm final check-in: following the threads

It is hard to believe that November is nearly over…just a few short hours to go.

Before proceeding with my little aedm story I want to acknowledge all of the dedicated creatives that participated. So many of you posted to your blogs each day – and/or consciously created a new art piece each day that was part of your month of creating. Everyone found their way – and that is the most important thing.

And I want to thank Leah Piken Kolidas for creating this community and this month of creating. Swing by her site and see what she and others are up to.

I started my month with an idea, although I knew I would not make the time to post to my blog each day. I could say I don’t have the time, but in truth although I wanted to create every day I knew I was not ready to prioritize my time to post something about this each day. One of these times I’m may take on that challenge – to post each day for a certain period of time.

The idea that I started with quickly morphed from Every Day a Line to a more mixed media project where I basically used something beautiful that Julie Daley said in her interview with Jamie Ridler on Creative Living with  Jamie.

I am this woman who is here creating – following the threads of what wants to come into being.

I did not work on this project each day, but I followed the threads of what wanted to be created. I really enjoyed the process, although I like some of the pages more than others. I’d love to hear your feedback if you’re so inclined.

Originally I planned to make a book from these sheets, but they just did not work for me folded in half. I flattened the sheets that I had carefully folded (fortunately Arches Text Wove is very forgiving for this), and I created a simple envelope to house the sheets. I still need to add some lines and color to the enclosure.

Art Every Day Month helped me become more aware of how I was spending my time, and what my priorities are. This is something I’ve been working on understanding. And I wish to continue to work on this as the year winds down…following the threads…

Thank you again Leah for hosting AEDM, and to all the participants and readers who have stopped by to see what I’ve been up to. I truly appreciate it.



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7 responses to “aedm final check-in: following the threads

  1. Great to see your photos. Great stuff. Beautiful. Glad to see you are still rockin the artful living.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting me – and congrats on completing AEDM to your satisfaction. We all work in different ways and timeframes and if this challenge helped you work more than usual (even if you didn’t post every little step) then it accomplished it’s purpose for you. I love your pages and the sentiment that inspired you. I hope you share more of your new projects.

  3. Lisa ~ your creativity blasts off the page—you ARE this woman! And this woman rocks! Thx for the inspiration you creatrix you. Vuuuuugs!

  4. I think these are lovely! They would be wonderful to duplicate on wood or something that could be hung. I am now going to tell myself “I AM THIS WOMAN”. It will be my catch phrase. I love it!

  5. Lisa,
    I love what you did with AEDM! Your work is so beautiful and inspiring, how you use words with shape and heartfelt sentiment.

    Thank you for doing your art and for sharing it with us!

    Stay warm!

  6. Lisa,

    These are so rich and beautiful. I’m inspired by your work.
    In your words I read that you did AEDM according to your internal rhythm…

    So happy to have met you.



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