Planning – ever a work in progress

It is the beginning of February – and I am getting back to my 2012 planning that started late last year.

Last fall I bought Louise Gale’s Big Dreams, Small Wonders Workbook & Planner. I started with this – reflecting on all that I did in 2011: fun, work, accomplishments, challenges. It felt great to see all that I had done in 2011 laid out if front of me.

In December  I participated in Rachael Davila’s 2012 Goal Setting Virtual Retreat. A 100 Questions exercise helped me create themes to focus on for the year:
How I spend my time
Feeling joy & contentment with the process/journey
Believing in myself
Balance: the development of my VA biz/art making/writing for the mountain mermaid/playing outside
How can I ‘serve’?

Then my planning process laid dormant through the end of the year (good excuse – gone on an adventure road trip) and the better part of January. Maybe it was a good thing to take a break from it because after spending a few more hours with my goals I am happy to say that my themes still resonate with me and are beginning to seep into my year.

I committed to my words to guide my year: Joy and Intention. You can see my post about that here.

I was motivated to come back to the nuts and bolts of the planning process when I read my friend Laura’s post on the progress she is making on her planning.

Here is a journal page I created after reviewing my questions, writings and themes:

LDVA – my new Virtual Assistance business. I am so excited to be getting the word out so I can help more creative entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams.
Creativity – making art (every day); the mountain mermaid (this very blog), and my 115 year old home which my hubby and I are hoping to start renovating this year
Adventure – Every year we do some fun traveling. The past several years our travels have been in the form of road trips in our trusty camper van, Samwise. He loves adventure. We ended last year year at Big Bend, Texas and I hope this year will include some more fun adventures
Body & health – I am generally a pretty healthy person, and I am very active (love to ski, bike, hike and more!). And I am not getting any younger. I am learning what it means to slow down a little bit. This year I want to strengthen my core, and learn to be even nicer to my body so I can keep playing outside for as long as possible.

One of the things I’m noticing about this process is that I feel resistance towards certain things, even though I am passionate about making them happen. This resistance is true for this blog, for sure. Weeks can go by and posts are only written in my head. I visit wishcasters, but rarely participate. I am inspired by blog challenges I find in the blogosphere yet I don’t jump in. I want to write and post regularly. I want my words and thoughts to be interesting and insightful for my readers. I want to enjoy the process. So why am I not making it happen?

Instead of getting frustrated and mad at myself – this year I am getting curious. What is this resistance? How can I step out of my regular perspective to find a way forward? If I really want to make something happen I can do it if I want to. I. CAN. DO IT.

I know that some of the resistance stems from fear of putting myself out here. It is so much easier for ME to jump on my bike or take off down the trail. I can wile away the hours playing outside and no one will know the difference – except me!

So there it is.

And if I want to feel great about my year – live my ‘one wild and precious life’ with intention – I need to spend a bit more time figuring out this resistance, and putting together some action plans to address all of these areas I mentioned above. SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based) goals, as they are called, have been recommended. I have ideas for some of the actions in my head, but getting specific is some times where I fall down (there is that resistance again).

I will keep you posted on how this goes – hopefully you’ll notice the progress with more regular posts that draw you in!

How do you make plans for your goals and dreams? How do you move through any resistance that shows up when you try to put them in action? I would love to hear!



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2 responses to “Planning – ever a work in progress

  1. Hi Lisa, so glad the “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” workbook helped you kick start your year. Good luck with all your wonderful dreams and goals. Xx

  2. Lisa I’m so happy that my post motivated you to move forward with your planning process! Journaling page is beautiful and creative, love it!

    This is so brave and authentic: ….fear of putting myself out here.
    You ARE putting yourself out there…and what’s the worsts case scenario? You fall down, get up, dust yourself off and get back UP—just like biking, right? So lovely to watch you bloom my friend. 🙂

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