Holding Hands

Holding hands is one of the most special forms of affection between two people. You can hold hands just about anywhere – and the average onlooker will never understand the intimacy that you feel with the other person. It feels special to intertwine fingers with a person you love – to feel the strength in their hold, the love in their heart – no matter where you might be, no matter what the situation.

Holding hands is not just for lovers. A child feels secure with their hand intertwined into their mother’s. Two children love to skip along hand-in-hand. Between friends a squeeze of hands can say a thousand words.

holding hands Holding Hands {44} Partnered 3 Hands holding hands
Thank you to the contributors of Flickr’s Creative Commons for sharing these beautiful images!
I loved seeing all the ways people photograph this simple gesture of love.


Sometimes I like to ‘hold my own hand’ – after all it’s important for each of us to be our own best friend. The art piece above includes both of my hands. I didn’t really think it through as I began the piece as a personal mapping project. But as I sat with the piece the intimacy of holding hands bubbled to the surface, and it became apparent that this needed to be my valentine – to share with my world.

Thank you for being part of my world! I wish you all a beautiful Valentine’s Day, and month of love.

Now grab the hand of someone you love and let them feel how much you care.

xoxo, L


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One response to “Holding Hands

  1. I am browsing for meaningful Valentine’s day posts and was delighted to find yours – thanks for reminding me of one more facet of affection and caring!

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