is good for my body & my soul!

This past holiday weekend we decided to leave the ski area to the tourists, and no new snow vanquished the appeal for a trek into the backcountry. Some times those weekends are nice. My time was open for…whatever?

This weekend I tried to let that be and not over plan – which is often my modus operandi.

I spent time in my studio

Wandering in my journaling

I spent time outside wandering with my hubby.

Tim and I like to take walks in our backyard – wandering aimlessly on the trails or around town, with no destination or plan.

Sometimes my mind races – thinking about all kinds of ideas and possibilities.
Sometimes my mind goes blank until the thoughts creep back in.
And sometimes I just soak in the place, the space, the day.
Wandering with no real plan is good for all of this!

And our backyard has so many places to explore.  Even though we’ve wandered these routes many times before each time is a different, beautiful experience.
This weekend’s down time and wandering reminded me of being a kid again. I used to love to explore in the nearby park and arboretum, and I didn’t need an agenda. It was great to feel this sense of play in myself – and to realize as an adult this is really good for my body, and for my soul. As my adult self the wandering was easy on my body, yet active. It filled my creative well. It provided beautifully easy and intimate time with my hubby. And the twist – even though I’ve done this before it had not struck me quite this way. I’m looking forward to more of this wandering time again soon!

What do you enjoy when you can wander with no agenda? How does this feed your body and your soul?


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One response to “Wandering…aimlessly

  1. These pics are awesome Lisa, so inviting, I realize I want to walk out my door to breath taking beauty. The word ‘jauntress’ is SO YOU, I love it!
    I have not wandered anywhere in a while…when I do it’s along the beach with no pace or destination in mind…it’s a physical healing being near the ocean—the tang of the salt air clears my senses, wind swept dunes reflect my clean slate, the energy and aliveness of the ocean call me to action and empower me with renewed belief in myself.
    Great questions—thanks for asking 😉

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