Journal Dreamboard

It is the full moon! And tonight we might see her beautiful face because the sky is crystal clear.

The yogini and beautiful arrangement of candles on my board are helping me to be grounded with all the inspiration, color and ideas that are swirling around me. You know, the kind that make your heart beat with excitement and also with anxiety on where to begin and what to do next!

Yep – that is where I am.

I have received some sage advice from two different places in the past few days: Pick three things you want to do each day, and then go forth and get them done. I love this advice – it makes me think more simply!

This month I’m dreamin’ about big forward movement, three steps a day, with my wonder – full creative life!

How are you dreamin’ big this month?



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4 responses to “Journal Dreamboard

  1. Great post and somewhere I missed those nuggets — going’ to put them into action. So much of my TO DO LIST is about things that “need” to be done — not “want”. So I am going to make sure that I add three to do “gems” each day! — Virginia

  2. Ooh, I love this board – beckoning, reaching, light, colour. Mmmm. And that’s so funny, I reminded myself this week of that ‘3 things’ idea…and I forgot again! Thank you for reminding me!!!

    May all your dreams come true x

  3. Wonderful board! May all your dreams come true!

  4. Peaceful dream board. May all your dreams come true.

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