Love to laugh…

Last Friday morning I was making a banner for a friend’s 5oth surprise birthday party that afternoon. I didn’t have much time to agonize over it, so I made two practice letters and went for it. Later I chuckled when I looked at the two letters laying on the floor. HA! ha ha ha!

I added a few more ha ha and hee hee’s to it to make it a reminder to laugh, if even only with and at myself. Laughter is a good cure all for many things!

the birthday banner, before the birthday girl arrived

the birthday girl arrives

Although the party was not a total surprise – it was an evening full of laughter & smiles!

Laughing feels good and is good for you. Here are some fun videos that just might spur you on…hee, hee, hee

Happy Laughing! ha ha ha, tee hee hee hee!


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One response to “Love to laugh…

  1. That banner ROCKS!! 🙂

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