Magical Sand Dunes Adventure

Sand Dunes
Pulsing River
Animal Tracks
in the wet sand
Sliver Moonset – A Smile
Feel the Earth Rotate
Starry Night
Barefeet in the Sand
Hiking Up and Running Down
more Tracks
Flowing Pulsing River

– a poem created from the stream of consciousness words lettered in my journal.

My camera is not good enough to even attempt capturing the moon. It would have been a waste of my time when I could just take it in – remember with my mind’s eye. I breathed in the tiniest sliver of a smile moon I have ever seen (with Venus and Jupiter hanging in the sky above). I watched her smile from the moment she appeared in the sky until the final glow disappeared behind the dunes. It truly gave me the sense that there is a force much larger than me. I felt the earth was rotating.

I also felt a real connection with the earth as we meandered along Medano Creek – it pulses, and you can see it, hear it, feel it if you take the time to stop and BE there.

It was a beautiful spring weekend – a little shocking that the surrounding mountains were so devoid of snow (snow pack for this creek basin is at about 59% of average as of this writing). But since there is nothing I can do to convince mother nature to bring us moisture I enjoyed the wonder of bare feet in the sand, in March.

I love the surprises this lovely spring getaway offered – the smile new moon, bare feet, the pulsing river (I’ve never seen it running before), and magical shadows.

What ever your spring may hold, I hope you will take a moment to thank our great mother earth for the riches she has provided us. And ask her to keep healthy – and then do the best you can to help take care of her!


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One response to “Magical Sand Dunes Adventure

  1. I love the sand dunes, although I am usually on a quad when I go!

    Check out my site and let me know what you think.

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