Instant Inspiration

A belated, and no less heartfelt, shout out to Jessica Brogan of In Search of Dessert for her, uh, inspiration – and hard work – to bring together no less than 52 artists for the amazing Inspiration Deck Swap. For participating I am now the proud recipient of 52 unique and little art pieces of inspiration – that I refer to any time I need.

Inspiration provided not only by the words, but by the love and creativity that were poured into each and every one. I will likely never meet most – or any – of these artists, but my gratitude goes out to them for sharing their creativity with me.

Christine Mason Miller also deserves mucho credit for her book – Desire to Inspire – which was ultimately the inspiration for this amazing exchange. Thanks Jessica and Christine and all the wonderful artists that participated. I feel so fortunate to have this deck of beautiful and instant inspiration.

Here’s a wee peek at the pile I created and sent to Jessica for inclusion. I hope my cards are bringing immense joy to their recipients!

If you’re inspired to create your own deck, Jessica offers some easy instructions for doing this. Check out Inspiration Deck instructions here.

Have Fun. Be Inspired.



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2 responses to “Instant Inspiration

  1. Jess

    yeah!!! i did a double take to see my name there. lol. i’m doing another swap in November so that we can have a deck to start flipping come January 1 2013~ i hope you’ll join again, i loved your cards.
    thanks to you for this sweet post 🙂

  2. Hello, I too participated in the inspiration deck swap and now I’m sharing the cards on my blog…you are in the spotlight this week, come over and see 🙂

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