Who am I when I am ‘powerful’? (full moon dreamin’)

This month the full moon was a bit elusive – popping in and out between clouds – but I could feel her power. She is already waning, but I wanted to share with you my full moon dreamin’ for this month.

I didn’t know this would become my dream board for the month when I began this journal spread – playing with landscape & lettering and writing, writing with my colored pencils. Just before the full moon, I decided my landscape, that included the river and river rock, needed a moon and a night time sky.

I am attracted to the women I see in catalogs like Title Nine and Athleta. Besides their cool clothing — they appear strong, confident, happy and, of course, outdoorsy. I know they are creative, too. Confidence, joy, creativity, grounded strength and love are all facets of who I am when I am ‘powerful’.

To complete this month’s dream board I grabbed the Athleta catalog that had recently arrived in my mailbox. I cut out images that spoke to me and would fit on my journal spread.

Here’s what I’m thinking about those images (from left to right):
1) I’ve gotten on the river early this summer. Last weekend our fun neighbors took us for a float and I watched Jody paddle board down the river as I relaxed in the raft. I didn’t mind the relaxin, but I’ve been attracted to this new stand-up paddle board phenomena, and now I’m dreaming of giving it a try!

2) The gal bicycling is me! Not literally – but I love to pedal (I have three different bikes I pedal regularly), and it is how I get around where I live. I recently appeared in a local real estate print catalog doing just that. My friend (and professional photographer) Mark Weidman photographed me for his stock portfolio and in exchange also photographed my portrait for my biz website.) How fun!

3) Recently I returned to my yoga community at The Yoga Tonic. Now that I am officially a full time entrepreneur I have the flexibility to get to the early morning class I (now) love. Yoga helps ground and strengthen me, and just one weekly class with a community of people makes such a difference!

4) I see a happy traveler – something I alway dream of doing more of! This September I hope to travel to Minneapolis to attend the AssistU homecoming, meet some new friends I’ve made online, and maybe even my new client! My husband and I are also scheming to travel to Mexico in late October or early November. I’m ready for a tropical beach vacation!

When I feel confident about who I am and all I do, then I am powerful. Powerful in the best way — because it is then that I am the best me I can be!

Thank you Jamie Ridler, for encouraging dreaming, for asking me to examine who I am when I am powerful! You have been such and inspiration for me to dream big.

Jamie hosts full moon dream boarding each month on her site OpentheDoor.ca. Check out what other dreamers are up to here!

And I’d love to hear what your dreaming about in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by to visit me (the mountain mermaid:)



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2 responses to “Who am I when I am ‘powerful’? (full moon dreamin’)

  1. cool images….cool clothes…..cool activities….cool YOU! Jus’ sayin’!

  2. These beautiful, powerful, active women are a good reflection of the amazing *YOU*. I too love those styles in Althea and Title 9. Keep dreaming!

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