The Summer Harvest


Basil from the local market that sources from within 100 miles of where I live.

and garlic

Garlic, also from the local market that sources from within 100 miles of where I live.

= my winter’s stash of yummy pesto

Pesto ingredients


Chopping and churning is how I spent my Sunday afternoon, and the pesto is all now neatly (sort-of) stored in my freezer.

I also dehydrated a case of organic peaches from Palisade, Colorado earlier this summer. And I plan to do the same with apples as soon as they’re ready.

From my garden I’m hoping for plenty of ripe Roma tomatoes to dehydrate. Last year we lightly dehydrated a bunch tomatoes, and then froze them. It was a grand experiment that led to wonderful  tomatoes for sauces and pizza all winter long!

Fresh from the garden!

In the meantime we’re eating plenty of sliced tomatoes, grilled zucchini, zucchini muffins, salads, cucumbers and even some edamame!

We also have a stash of butternut squash already harvested, with more to come.

Squash blossom with baby squash

I’m hoping to harvest from our crab apple trees later this week, and freeze the tiny tart apples for pies & muffins in a few months. They’re tiny and tart, and they sure are tasty.

I love eating straight from my garden – or at least from my state! It feels so fresh & right going into my belly! I love taking the time to make pesto and dehydrate fruit – knowing that when I eat them later in the year that they’re from local, fresh ingredients.

How do you use the summer’s bounty?


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